The Minister for Education must resign, or be sacked. Education needs an overhaul, but the Hadith-40 route means Malays have a deeper understanding of the hadith, and non-Malays focus on STEM subjects.

‘Pendatang’ countries have launched rockets into outer space and landed on the moon, but Malays try their best to return to the glory days of the sixth Century. Successive politicians … Continue Reading →


Where is the parliamentary condemnation of the attempted murder of outspoken lawyer, Siti Kassim, using a bomb? This is a new low for the Madani administration when two men who kiss, get more publicity than an act of alleged terrorism.

ALL bomb threats are to be taken seriously. Shame on the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the Communications and Multimedia Minister, Fahmi Fadzil, the Home minister, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, the Minister … Continue Reading →