We call it caviar, but Umno-Baru ministers claim it’s ‘telur ikan aje’. They said they were sharing a meal, but the photo showed their arrogance, extravagance and waste. What’s wrong with a bungkus tapau for lunch?

Looking at the photo, the Federal Territories Minister, Annuar Musa and his fellow MPs probably saw a group of men sharing a meal; but the rakyat saw arrogance, extravagance and … Continue Reading →


Why are we so lenient with the felon Najib? He stole RM42 million & is FREE. The man who stole a can of sardines to feed his family is jailed for one year. The Malay elites are protected by a system which is full of hypocrisy & double standards.

The authorities are too lenient with the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak. A week after his conviction, Najib made a seven-minute video to claim that the SRC International money had … Continue Reading →


Hishammuddin lacks respect for fellow MPs. Vaping during a parliamentary session shows his contempt for the Dewan. Mr Speaker, when will you censure Hishammuddin? Will you be firm with irresponsible MPs?

Umno-Baru MPs are not known for their sense of decorum. It is believed that last Monday, the Foreign Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, showed off his Ketuanan Melayu arrogance and Malay privilege … Continue Reading →


Mahathir mudah lupa! He wants to visit Sabah to check on the snap polls. Has he forgotten about Project IC? Many Sabahans have not forgiven him for that. Musa Aman is also alleged to have a hand in Project IC. Both men, “Same-same” sahaja!

Yesterday, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said,  “I will go to Sabah because I find that what happened in Sabah is a very bad example of corruption. “I find that the 13 … Continue Reading →


In 2016, Ramesh Rao “helped” PI Bala’s widow, to “apologise” to Rosmah. That press conference descended into farce. In 2020, after convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak’s sentencing, Ramesh Rao alleged that Justice Mohd Nazlan was related to Dr Mahathir. What’s pro-Najib Rao up to?

Last week, Ramesh Rao, the president of the NGO, Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin Malaysia, alleged in a tweet, that High Court judge, Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali is related to Langkawi … Continue Reading →