By Yin, Letters from Ward 5, T.R. America and Western Europe condemn Hamas for Oct 7’s killing, rape and hostage taking of innocent civilians. It is a crime under international law or … Continue Reading →


Fadhlina Sidek & Anwar Ibrahim are messing with the lives of our children. Teach them STEM subjects, not protest. Look at the GT teachers’ faces in the video. Do they think it is fun & games? They are breeding little J1had1s. Parents speak out now!

The video below tells a shocking story. It was sent to me and allegedly started today in our schools. Or at least in one school. One is too many. Does … Continue Reading →


The Minister for Education must resign, or be sacked. Education needs an overhaul, but the Hadith-40 route means Malays have a deeper understanding of the hadith, and non-Malays focus on STEM subjects.

‘Pendatang’ countries have launched rockets into outer space and landed on the moon, but Malays try their best to return to the glory days of the sixth Century. Successive politicians … Continue Reading →