Will Sarawak say “Yes” to Najib again?…remember Perak, Terengganu, Kedah


Who is Najib Abdul Razak to talk about Malay unity when his party is fractured, and he wages war on some of Umno Baru’s own men, like former Kedah MB, Mukhriz Mahathir.

Najib wants Mukhriz’s scalp, so that he can rule for as long as, or possibly longer than, former PM, Mahathir Mohamad.

He wants Umno Baru and PAS to team-up, ostensibly to unite Malays and Muslims. Decades of hard work by PAS’ former leaders disappeared when PAS president Hadi Awang was seduced by Najib’s overtures.

PAS claims that it is not interested in teaming-up with Umno Baru. Then, in the next breath, it talks about Malay unity and the importance of protecting Islam, by working with Umno Baru.

Today, we hear about Amanah members returning to PAS. Let them!

The problem with our political culture, which was perfected by Umno-Baru and BN, is that its leaders, and chosen lieutenants, allegedly enjoy perks and privileges, like contracts and more “back scratchings”.

So, when politicians, are out of the sphere of power, they cannot survive. They have become what Malays call “sudah jadi lemak”.

Greedy people are never satisfied. Najib’s desire for more has made him lose sight of the needs of the nation.

Ten out of 13 states are under Umno Baru control, and these should satisfy any PM’s needs, but apparently, not Najib’s avarice. The PM has suffered many allegations of leading a kleptocratic Umno Baru government.

Najib’s track record is spectacular, by despotic standards. In 2009, the former Perak MB, Nizar Jamaluddin, was kicked out of office. In 2014, the former Terengganu MB Ahmad Said’s was also kicked out. He allegedly disagreed with Najib, about 1MDB using the state’s oil and gas industry as collateral.

Najib unsuccessfully tried, and will continue to try to wrestle Selangor back into the Umno-Baru fold. He needs Selangor because it is the richest state with it  industries and transport facilities.

Last week, Najib secured Kedah for himself. It was an internal power struggle. He wanted yes men in Kedah, and he got a load of them. Educational qualifications are not a pre-requisite. All they have to do is sleep through their meetings and just say “Yes”.

A foreign donation of RM2.6 billions was “used” for the 13th general election (GE13).  One day it is a “donation”, next day, it is a “deal”. Either way, both are “dodgy”.

The Saudis claim to have no knowledge about this “donation”. Why is someone allowed to smear another royal family’s name, just to save his own skin?

And now, Najib prepares for his next mission. SARAWAK.

Some of you are impressed with Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s track record. He is a very friendly man, and his door is always open to anyone with a problem. He is articulate, and injects both the local dialect and humour, in his speeches.

He got rid of tolls on the roads, promised to promote English in  education, and a Sarawakian friend also said, that he reduced electricity tariffs (I have no way of finding out).

Adenan also told politicians and nosey, interfering NGOs from “semenanjung” to buzz off. Wow! Defying peninsular Malaysia. Many of you will be impressed, but a few will ask, “Is this another wayang?”

Najib promised flood mitigation measures in the last State elections, and in the infamous Sibu speech in the Sibu by-election of 2010, when he said, “You help me, I help you”.

So, are those flood defences working? Or are you up to you waist in muddy water? Will Najib use the same “tired phrase” in the Sarawak elections, again?

Sarawak is not in Najib’s hands. It’s in yours. You can decide the fate of Sarawak.

Najib promised transformation. Yes. Malaysia did transform; from bad to worse. The cost of living has increased, and many freedoms have been stolen from us.





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