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2022 World Cup/2023 Asian Cup qualifier: Harimau Malaya 2, Garuda 0… Tapi we are spoilt…we want holidays…we have run out of MC excuses

Congratulations Malaysia….

This is how it was reported in Malaysiakini. The link is here.

“…Two stunning goals by Muhammad Safawi Rasid helped Malaysia beat arch-rivals Indonesia 2-0 in the 2022 World Cup/2023 Asian Cup qualifiers at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil here tonight…

“Malaysia finally broke the deadlock through a freekick by Safawi in the 29th minute which sailed into the left corner past goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho, sending the home crowd wild with cheers.

“However, the goal prompted a section of Indonesian supporters to resort to burning flares and rival fans to hurl objects towards each other.”

Wonderful…we can all have more tapai to celebrate the win. (Tapai has NOT been banned by JAKIM.)

Cuti bila?

On the flip side…

Some Malaysians, were disappointed.

“Mana holiday? Kita nak holiday….Bagi lah holiday…

“Kerajaan PH ni kejam, tak mahu bagi holiday…

“Baik lagi kita undi BN…Najib syok bagi holiday….kita dah lemak…kita nak holiday…”

His kawan said, “I already use up my MC so many times lah, takut boss nanti suspect. I ikan bilis, bukan macam hot shot bekas PM, so daring to use MC excuse to ponteng all the time.”

Another football fan said, “Will our footballers get parcels of land or not? Perak MB rewarded their footballers and officials with land. Malaysia so big….got lots of land…give lah…”

Check this link.

A few will say, “No lah. Don’t give them land. The land for the Perak footballers were seized from farmers who had farmed the land for four generations. I would rather have fresh sayur. Sayur prices going up and up and up….

“Even Najib favourite kangkung gone up in price lah….if you see someone walking near the roadside, then jumping into the parit once in a while…that is me-lah…harvesting kangkung…

“Anyway, just give the footballers datukships. Cheaper lah that way. ”

So how? Holiday, datukship or land? Must reward the footballers, or not?


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