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4 things you did not know about the Penis

Let’s have a break from the usual day-to-day niceties…


Singapore’s Penis code

Remember the Singapore Love boats? Lee Kuan Yew trying to force Singaporeans to increase its population?

Perhaps, it is the only nation in the world, to have a Penis Code*.

Penis prank.

Julius Dein is a London magician and prankster. Here he gets people to say they are a penis.

Singapore’s “Penis Code” acquittal

Shanghai Daily reported that in April 2016, a Singaporean Zunika Ahmad, 40, who was born a female, had lived as a man since her youth and had been charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. High Court Judge, Kan Ting Chiu, threw out Zunika’s guilty plea and acquitted her/him. Kan said that the Penal Code provision under which she was charged applied only to males.

So there! Singapore does have a Penis Code!

Penis envy

Austrian Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, coined the term, “Penis Envy” to describe repressed female desire for a penis.

In general, it is the grudging obsession and desire to have something that belongs to another person.

Here is an example of political “penis envy”. PAS’ desire to have the absolute power of Umno-Baru. So, PAS shows off that “mine is bigger than yours”.

In previous general-assemblies, Umno-Baru politicians have brandished their keris (Malay dagger) to show-off their Malay superiority (Ketuanan Melayu). Today, PAS must show the people that theirs is bigger.






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