42-year-old Datuk apologises for assaulting a couple in a restaurant.

This is a daft remark by the Datuk who was told to lower his voice in a restaurant and ended up assaulting a couple and the restaurant staff.

He said, “…Things got worse when my friend thought I was hit by the young man, so he acted by slapping the man… as things escalated, I became more out of control and ended up slapping the young woman...”

So, you slapped a woman because your ego was bruised.

You are just another violent thug and need to go to anger management classes. Datuks should set good examples. You failed!

Just check out this link.

Is this violent man’s apology genuine, or was he instructed by his lawyer?

Why did it take him one week to make the apology? Did his lawyer advise him to do so, and get a lighter sentence?

Would he have apologised if the victim’s father is not another Datuk and respectable member of the community?

Why isn’t this violent man’s datukship revoked?

When is the court case? Slapping a female employee, punching another customer and his dining companion should not be allowed. As a Datuk, he should face stiffer punishment.

You admitted being in the wrong. You were drunk and disorderly. You phoned and summoned two friends to the premises. You knew what you were doing then so do not make excuses now.

What is so special about you that you received your Datukship at this age?

Which state did you get your Datukship from?

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  • John Lim says:

    Datukship is not worth the piece of toilet paper it was written on.

  • isaloo says:

    A Datuk should behave
    All the times in dignified manner
    Even facing pressure in his circle
    He should have his values

    A Datuk isn’t a ticket of arrogance
    Showing off his title to intimidate
    The ordinary folks or low rank people
    A Datuk shouldn’t show otherwise

    A Datuk should behave well
    Showing concern to humanity
    Showing charitable attitude
    Not behave like a hooligan

    A Datuk who misuses his title
    The Sultan should revoke it
    There is no reason to let it stay
    Even a Datuk apologizes he still must pay

    This will let the other Datuks to behave
    With titles carry heavy weight on the heads
    Let these titled people know there are laws
    They still can be charged and lose their titles

  • Aratha says:

    This happens becoz every Tom, Dick and Harry, Susan, Jane and Mary seems to be getting their datukship. Not in Johor. His Majesty, the Sultan of Johor does not confer datukship upon people easily.

  • Jimmy Tan says:

    The only reason he apologised coz he hit another datuk,s son that put him in hot seat,look like weekly alcoholic that got no problem hit ppl around..guess he found his match..need to deal with boy,s dad.wanna hit ppl better check who,s his master.
    Worse is hit female employee as anger bashing..wht a small dick dato

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    The tree-swinging no class savage should go and seek psychiatric help. Propensity toward violence is more than something for just “anger management”.

    Normal Malaysian monkeys do not resort to such things as fighting, worse still, in a restaurant. The problem goes beyond just being “angry” and the self-serving garbage the savage took a long time to not really apologise for.

    If he wants to truly apologise, the savage cave monkey should do that without resorting to that load of “reasons” which effectively cancelled out any genuinely heartfelt wish to apologise.

    Waiting à long time to apologise is also a giveaway. Very often our monkeys with titles, filled to the brim with insecurity, inadequacy, and inferiority like to think a title would fill up that great void between their ears.

    The dumbfuck monkeys think having a title conveys some status in society where they also have special rights. In this case, the gomen should be blamed for not impressing upon those given titles that they have more responsibilities to society and country: that they should not disgrace both. And themselves!

    Malaysia has a huge industry churning out a heck of a lot of fcuking titles. That very simply means we have a lot of fcuking monkeys with gross inferiority complex who need the exterior of a comforting title to sooth their inferior selves with.

    We can’t have savage and ignorant monkeys jerking off thinking their lowlife behaviour becomes high class when they go around shagging off their titles all over the place!

    Boy! Beating up a woman, how low can our amazing cave monkeys get?!

    The injured parties and the restaurant should sue the savage monkey and whoever else was involved in the amazing violent behaviour with him. The gomen should take action, punish the savage monkey for bringing shame to society and country.

    Needless to say, the cheap title should be revoked, how long should the gomen pretend and tolerate the artificial distinction between the “titled” and the others do add to a person or do change society?

    I am reminded of a scientist friend who was offered the legion d’honneur for his contribution to science, said “Why should I accept that, all the arseh*les’ got that title!”

    Same for Bolehland, only our arseh*les in gomen would jerk off with meaningless titles more than often awarded to the useless, the corrupt, the criminals, the retards who would buy them to disguise their inferiority – and make a fcuking mockery of Malaysia!

    Malaysians should wake up and not see themselves as so lowly that they should cower and hold up our worst specimens in any esteem.

    Btw, I was an organiser and guest speaker at a meeting at a restaurant for a gomen function. Some kind of “datuk” caused panic among the staff when he asked to be seated at a table next to the “top” table.

    The blessed monkey wasn’t even invited for lunch, so there wasn’t even a toilet seat for the wonder. I told the staff in these exact words (Bless Me!) “Tell him to fcuk off!”

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