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42-year-old Datuk apologises for assaulting a couple in a restaurant.

This is a daft remark by the Datuk who was told to lower his voice in a restaurant and ended up assaulting a couple and the restaurant staff.

He said, “…Things got worse when my friend thought I was hit by the young man, so he acted by slapping the man… as things escalated, I became more out of control and ended up slapping the young woman...”

So, you slapped a woman because your ego was bruised.

You are just another violent thug and need to go to anger management classes. Datuks should set good examples. You failed!

Just check out this link.

Is this violent man’s apology genuine, or was he instructed by his lawyer?

Why did it take him one week to make the apology? Did his lawyer advise him to do so, and get a lighter sentence?

Would he have apologised if the victim’s father is not another Datuk and respectable member of the community?

Why isn’t this violent man’s datukship revoked?

When is the court case? Slapping a female employee, punching another customer and his dining companion should not be allowed. As a Datuk, he should face stiffer punishment.

You admitted being in the wrong. You were drunk and disorderly. You phoned and summoned two friends to the premises. You knew what you were doing then so do not make excuses now.

What is so special about you that you received your Datukship at this age?

Which state did you get your Datukship from?

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