6 or 7 boys allegedly bully the boy with red sleeves? Have you any information?


boy being kicked and attacked by several others


This new case of alleged bullying was received by Keadilan. The public is urged to provide further information about the victim.

First of all, at this point in time, neither the video (which I have not posted yet) and photos can be verified. If you have information, that the photos are genuine, please contact the email below. This is a serious case of bullying.

The quality of the pictures is not good, but you may be able to recognise the victim’s shirt, his school satchel, the room/dormitory, the furniture, the cupboard.

Thank you.

Do the pictures jog your memory?

Please see the list of pictures below. A young boy, who is slightly built, is allegedly being bullied by a group of 6, 7 or possible eight other boys. They are much bigger and possibly older than him.

They push him around the room, then kick him and rain blows on him.

At one point, a few boys pick him up by his limbs, and fling him across the room. He hits a cupboard. They approach him and kick him and drop things on his head, or slap his face.

He begs for mercy, shields his face and his head. but they continue to rain blows on him.

A boy steps on him and he screams out in pain. When they are done, they leave him in a heap on the floor.

Who is this boy who is being beaten up?

Do you recognise the shirts and trousers?

Where did this happen? When?

Who and where are they?

Check out the chairs, and the double-decker bed, in this dormitory.

If you have any information, however trivial you think it is, please contact the admin of Keadilan, so that the bullying case can be reported and investigated

Email: help.keadilan@gmail.com



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