A day in the life of a normal Malaysian student: Teacher makes lewd jokes in class. Student reports teacher. Teacher sues student for RM1 million…& whilst all this is happening, the Ministers for Education, Women & Youth are in cloud-cuckoo land.

Pull your finger out, Ministers for Education, Radzi Jidin, Women, Family and Community Development, Rina Harun and Youth Minister, Reea Merican, and do something about the teacher who allegedly cracked rape jokes in his school. Things are dangerously escalating out of control.

In April, Form 5 student, Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam highlighted rape jokes made by a male teacher at a Kuala Selangor school.

Three days later, she received a rape threat from her classmate.

The police assigned to investigate her case, joked that she should be able to take a joke.

Four months later, the teacher, who was not named, has demanded a RM1 million compensation from Aun Husniza. Check link.

So what happened to the ministers, Radzi, Rina and Reezal? They are already gaji buta, now they have gone into hiding.

At this rate, teachers and male students who make lewd jokes in class will not be censured, because they will think the state is protecting them.

Is this the environment parents and students want in school?

No wonder we have a lawless society because problems like these are not nipped in the bud.

The ministers are clueless and do not how to handle the situation, because they would prefer to stick their heads in the sand.

We have incompetent teachers. We also have incompetent and irresponsible ministers who are scared about taking action. They do not want to upset others.

Maihaddin Yassin’s Malay majority government has shown other Malaysians that it is NOT capable of ruling. He and PN are failures of the first degree.

Where are the voices of condemnation from the Teacher’s Union, the Parents Teachers association, the Civil servants union, women/children NGOs and academia?

Do they not care?

One cannot depend on the Secretary General of the NUTP. Harry Tan. This is what he had to say about Ain Husniza’s allegations.

Tan was sceptical about the allegation made by 17-year-old Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, who said that her teacher had made a joke about rape, during class.

It is clear who Harry Tan is trying to please. Both Mahiaddin and Radzi.

Tan did not do the teachers and students any favours. Instead of taking care of their interests and concerns, he was simply arogant, insensitive and brown-nosing. He failed them. He is not worthy of his post.

He asked, “How is it a widespread problem? Where are the statistics? Where is the data? Who are they talking about? How many schools are involved?

“We have 450,000 teachers in the country, we have 10,000 schools. How many schools are they talking about? Give me the facts.”

So you see, Malaysians despise these silent people who have the authority to act but won’t.

No-one, including the headmaster of Ain’s school, dare to stick their necks out and do the right thing.

Is the above failure to protect students, one of the reasons Nazri Aziz, took his son out of Malaysia and enrolled him in a school in the kafir France?

It’s allright for some then.

Back in the corridors of power in Putrajaya, Radzi Jidin, Rina Harun and Reezal Merican, are probably not aware what is happening in the big bad world called Malaysia.

Will they start assuming some sort of responsibility?

The Perikatan Nasional government cannot protect the most vulnerable in society and yet Mahiaddin claims he will save Malaysia.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    It is the blessed standard behaviour of ketuanan gomen politicians and officials to dig their midget heads in steamy camel droppings whenever faced with any need to get off from under the coconut trees to do the least, see nothing, think nothing, and therefore there’s nothing to do.

    Mind you, the attitude and behaviour is not helped by beliefs like the female species are inferior to men, can be treated rotten, which includes verbal, mental, and even physical abuse.

    However, unfortunately, that’s how not too few of our men think and behave – like fcuking tree-swinging Stone Age caveman monkeys.

    And, unfortunately for our backward species, our females are more smart and more capable – and are the ones designed to move mountains when our “men” remain spineless jellyfish who cannot think or do anything without their mummies or sisters.

    It is Allah-sent we have someone to admire in this young girl to take on our backward, thick, primitive and disgusting “men” with infantile and badly-evolved tauhu in their midget skulls.

    Ain has been sent by Allah to set an example to all those who suffer and have been victims of the spineless jellyfish weaklings of society. All can learn from this young lady.

    Allah, She wants to test our jellyfish to see who would get out from under their mummy or sisters’ beds to do the right thing. Her Book has at least one sentence telling men to protect the female in society – or at least their sunnah.

    Harry boy may just be the typical ignorant Malaysian “Christian” – or even, like many Malaysians, one of those who baptised himself and gave himself a name that would not make his “Tan” name sound inferior or even funny without an angmoh add-on.

    Still, even if he’s Christian or “Christian”, or a pork-eater, as a entity in his role, and, dare I say, as some kind of human, he should stand up, stand tall, and play a large role even if his deity gave him half a testicle. He should not, in any case, Bury his head in pig shiite and play “see no evil..” like the three Monkeys, Harry is a damn disgrace to his mom and sisters, can’t even be the boy in the family. What a fcuking disgrace, kanninnei!

    The likes of “Harry” should, for the mere sake of their role or position or title of office, should all be banging their half goolies in rage a student has been wronged and so shamelessly treated.

    There’s more than just “Harry” who should be up in arms over the filthy incident, the whore of the education system should be raging over the matter. Not to say, the rest of society should leave themselves out, “I don’t want to get involved..” à typical Malaysian macho war cry.

    In civilised society, even the PM and gomen should involve themselves. We can excuse Stupid PM Niamahaidin for the long duration he’s bogged down in the loo, he needs to be not more than one metre from the other throne as his back door exit has become an illiberal sprinkler for his ketuanan treasure, he would have weak wobbly legs to even stand up for himself…

    And definitely not stand up to the task as the defender of Malaysians, those he should dutifully serve.

    But the rest of Malaysia, including the “men” should get off their backsides, come in support of the brave girl Ain, why is it Malaysians make a virtue of being such fcuking spineless bastard monkeys, all noisy screaming and screeching all the fcuking time and no bites and no testicle when the need to find their spines..?

  • Shri Param Eswaran says:

    Girls of today are mothers in the future, if they are not respected in school and not supported by the community how can they be capable of raising a good citizen of the future. Like to remind all when you insult a girl, it is the same as insulting one.s own mother, as she represents Motherhood.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      Well said and all, but not too few girls turn mothers who raise boys to become self-obsessed, pampered, entitled, and useless arseh*les too.

      Unless they herald from the pig farms, most of our fcuked up political monkeys were raised by loving, adoring and proud mothers too.

      Lucky mothers, lucky us!

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