A Malaysian tells us his story about life in an Italian city under lockdown. Please listen to him and heed his advice…

Jim Lim who is originally from Penang, tells you in his podcast, what it is like to be in lockdown in an Italian city.

Jim is in Lucca, a ancient medieval city located in Tuscany on the western coast of Italy. The city is close to Pisa and is renowned as the city of a hundred churches because there are large numbers of historical religious structures in it. A medieval wall still encircles most of the historic old town. (excerpt from The Crazy Tourist).

These are some excerpts from Jim’s pod cast…

“Two weeks (of the Movement Control Order – MCO) is not enough in Malaysia…”

“Do not underestimate how bad it is…it is better to be safe than sorry…”

“Take great precautions…Do not go to any crowded places…”

He also said, “Italians are like Malaysians, they take it too easy….too relaxed”

So please listen to Jim and his warning about the Coronavirus.

The link to Jim’s podcast is here.

(NB the podcast is not mine but it is from Malaysia Lite FM)

George, a native of Georgetown, Penang & under lockdown in Italy.

(The cute doggie is George, another Penang native, who is now under lockdown in Lucca. George is Jim’s pal.)

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