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A message from Kee Thuan Chye, the author of “The People’s Victory”. He needs your vote, if you think he deserves it. Read on below.

Me: If you think Kee’s book, The People’s Victory, deserves to win this year (see below), please vote for him.

9 May 2018. The day Malaysia said, “We have had enough.” The day Malaysians had a smooth, bloodless and peaceful power transition. A coordinated effort made possible with the cooperation of Malaysians overseas. Remember too, that you were prepared to give it your all and cast your vote for a 93-year-old to help Malaysia get us out of our living hell. Yes, I appreciate that the old man is no angel, but…

An overconfident, arrogant and big-headed disgraced Najib Abdul Razak, did not think it possible that he could be removed. If the allegations are true, when he found that polling station after polling station was telling him the Pakatan Harapan (PH) had won, it was too late (in the early hours of the morning) to make that quick exit. It was also alleged that he tried to get the IGP to “do the necessary” but he told Najib that he was going to disobey him, because the majority of his men, were on PH’s side. Of course the Umno-Baru/BN brigade were furious. Remember how many tactics were employed to not declare a PH win. Remember how Dr M had to wait, and wait, and wait, for the official announcement. That is now water under the bridge, but if you want to be reminded of why we voted PH, read The People’s Victory.

Now, if you think nothing has changed, then ask Zunar or any of the other people who received travel bans so that they could not go overseas and give talks to highlight the many injustices perpetrated in Malaysia.

Ask yourself this…why has the three (3) Rs, become centre stage and become a daily topic in our lives. It is because the regime that was overthrown and the lazy, greedy, money grabbing and corrupt Umno-Baru Malays, PAS mullahs and wannabe politicians, and bigots in our society, have seen how they CANNOT steal, grab and control you as they have been doing so, for the past 61 years.

So, if you have not read The People’s Victory, please do. The book is sold in many bookshops in town and online. It is a good reminder of why we fought to overturn the previous regime of Umno-Baru/BN. Read it and if you feel he deserves to win, vote for him.

Kee Thuan Chye’s message. (Apologies to Kee as I have “copied and pasted” his message in full, from FB)

Dear friends,

Just a reminder that my book THE PEOPLE’S VICTORY has been selected as one of the 10 contenders for the Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Awards in the Non-Fiction category, and you can get to vote for it if you think it deserves to win.

The last day for voting is May 5, which is just a week from now.

You can vote online by going to:…/group/0

Or fill in a form that you can get from any Popular Bookstore branch.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the book yet, here’s an excerpt from THE PEOPLE’S VICTORY:

Myriads of reports surfaced of the unreliability of the indelible ink that was being used as a mechanism to prevent multiple voting. Many complained after voting that they were able to wash off the indelible ink easily with a hand sanitiser or soap although it was supposed to remain on the finger for seven days.

When the deputy EC chairman, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, was straight away asked by the media about the ink being so delible, he dismissed the matter arrogantly, “I’m not worried about the indelible ink, I tell you very frankly. I’m not worried about it because tomorrow there is no voting anymore.”

What a laugh! Because there’s no more voting tomorrow, it’s okay if there’s a problem today? Where’s the logic? So the EC was not going to do anything while the voting was still going on and fraud could happen?

In the first place, indelible ink should not have been an issue anymore … Because a week earlier, on April 30, when early voting was held for the country’s armed forces personnel and their spouses, many of them found to their surprise that the ink washed off a few hours after they had voted.

This prompted Major Zaidi Ahmad of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, his wife and Sergeant Jamal bin Ibrahim to make a police report about it the next day.

They were the only ones who did that out of the more than 235,000 who cast their votes that day.

Major Zaidi thought it was his responsibility as a citizen to make the report to prevent unscrupulous people from voting multiple times. … “I felt I would have betrayed the rakyat if I let it go, because I was being paid by the rakyat to do my job. … As a Muslim, I had to be honest to the rakyat who place their faith in the army who are supposed to guard them from threats, whether foreign or domestic.”

Two days after Zaidi made the police report and spoke to the media to warn people about the ink, he was transferred out from active duty to a desk job. The pilot who had been with the air force for more than 20 years was grounded from flying.

Nine months later, in February 2014, he was called to face seven charges in a military court. The nation was shocked. Zaidi was being punished for telling the truth.

Political commentator Mariam Mokhtar wrote an article in her blog saluting Major Zaidi and also warning that Malaysia was entering “the latest phase of a new reign of terror”. She viewed the move against Zaidi as an attempt by Umno “to solidify its stranglehold on the nation” by vilifying a member of the armed forces.

She slammed Zaidi’s superiors for keeping silent “despite being aware of voting irregularities” and called them “traitors” for having broken their oath of allegiance.

… At least 40 NGOs urged the Malaysian Armed Forces Council to drop all seven charges against him. Pahlawan, an NGO representing retired army veterans, said it was wrong to prosecute Zaidi because he had committed no offence in carrying out his duty of lodging the police report.

… Malaysians spoke out on social media against the injustice. They hailed Zaidi as a hero. Someone posted on an online forum: “His freedom to speak has won him support from ordinary citizens but not freedom from the Government. When the Government is wrong, nobody is right.”

Zaidi’s fellow servicemen, however, did not show him public support. … He said, “Initially, some supported me, especially on Facebook. But as you know, Facebook accounts – especially those of government workers – are monitored, so fewer and fewer armed forces personnel became active on my Facebook page. My relations with my colleagues are still normal, but they just avoid talking about my case. Most military personnel are inculcated with the belief that the Government is the provider of their income, so don’t go against the Government or else you’re being ungrateful.”

Five of the charges against Zaidi were eventually dropped because they were found to be defective. After more than a year, in January 2015, the military court found him guilty of the remaining two charges of making statements about the indelible ink to the media without approval and sharing confidential information with the media on his transfer order. He was discharged from the armed forces.

After the court pronounced his sentence, Zaidi caused a stir when he told his judges, “We will meet in Allah’s court in the afterlife.”

Meanwhile, what happened to the EC, the organisation that should have taken the bullet instead? Was it held accountable for the indelible ink fiasco? Did anyone’s head roll? You guessed it, no.

In June, one-and-a-half months after the general election, the EC explained that the ink came off easily because the amount of silver nitrate in it was only 1% instead of the standard 4%. It said the higher amount would have been detrimental to health. So it supplemented the ink with food colouring instead.

Those who knew their chemistry contradicted the EC’s claim about the danger posed to health by silver nitrate. They said a little exposure to it would cause no harmful side effects whatsoever. And 1% was way, way too low for indelible ink used in elections, as the industry standard for such ink was at least 10%.

This made the EC a laughing stock, but the whole fiasco was no laughing matter. Government minister Shahidan Kassim disclosed in Parliament that the ink had been purchased for RM7.1 million, which was a lot of money spent on something that turned out to be useless! More than that, its inefficacy compromised the integrity of the electoral process and intensified the people’s suspicion that the EC could not be trusted.


Me again: 

Vote for The People’s Victory…or go out and purchase the book, then vote for him. You have until 5 May.

Thank you

Rebuilding Malaysia
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