A person who wants to be the Malaysian prime minister must develop a thick skin and cannot be sensitive to criticism

Today, prime-minister-in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim, released a statement about his eldest daughter, Nurul Izzah’s, shock resignation from all her party and government positions.

In a report by the Malay Mail, he said that she was fed up with the power play behind the scenes that has continued despite a regime change.

He said, “…the pace of political developments (having) been relentless for the last nine months,’ she is sick and tired of the deception and machinations of those who are far more interested in playing politics instead of focusing on helping the rakyat they purport to serve.

“For example, there is disillusionment by the recent jumping of Members of Parliament to save their political skins or worse still, to shore up power for nefarious ends…”


Subconscious  thoughts showing 

Was Nurul referring to the kataks hopping into Pakatan Harapan (PH) or perhaps, she was secretly referring to the worrying developments in her own party?

Anwar forgets that the rakyat is also disappointed with the prime-minister-in-waiting. When he was in Cheras hospital, he was allegedly  in close contact with the disgraced former, PM, Najib Abdul Razak. 

We are also fed-up with the shenanigans in PKR.

When the PM-in-waiting was released from Sungei Buloh, he announced that he was in no rush to become an MP or prime minister, but instead would go on a lecture circuit at prestigious universities.  That never happened.

He engineered the Port Dickson fiasco. If he was in no rush to be PM, why was the elected MP for Port Dickson persuaded to vacate his seat. That MP’s allegiance was to the electorate. We were furious that the MP was more loyal to the PM-in-waiting, than to the people who elected him.

The PM-in waiting, is in constant touch with the Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, with his alarming Islamist agenda.

Soon after the Sungei Buloh release,  there was the kissing of VVIP hands.  Recently, he was also seen in the company of the Umno-Baru top hierarchy. 

The post of prime minister is to be earned. It is not an entitlement. It is not a birthright either. 

If the PM-in-Waiting cannot control his own party, and the allegations of alleged rigging and “flying chairs” in the internal party elections, how on earth is he going to control the nation?

He does not like criticism and calls his critics, Super Liberals. He forgets that they once campaigned to free him. He sings a different tune overseas and when he is on Malaysian soil.

So, we would like to ask. 

Did Nurul Izzah resign of her own volition, or upon the instruction of her father?

Perhaps, her decision was an attempt to distract the rakyat from the upheavals in PKR?

Could she be fed-up with the power wrangles within her own family?

She must know how her mother Wan Azizah Wan Ismail feels.  Her mother is under pressure to give up her seat for hubby; but why should she?

She is on the cusp of making history, as the first female PM, if Dr Mahathir is indisposed.  

The post of PM is sliding from Anwar’s grasp

Nurul must have seen the post of prime minister slowly sliding from the grasp of her father.

By this drastic course of action (the resignation) she probably hopes to influence public opinion against Dr Mahathir. He has allowed former Umno-Baru members to shore up his party, Bersatu.

If she was alarmed by this betrayal, then she should also question the bombshell dropped by former Tourism minister, Nazri Aziz. It is alleged that a “unity government” or a “working relationship” between Anwar and Umno-Baru has been proposed, in exchange for loyalty to Anwar, if he becomes PM.

Rafizi must give us the ratings for Anwar, the DPM and all of the Cabinet

Everything in PH is as clear as mud. The only certainty  is that having secured Putrajaya, the rakyat and the manifesto have been forgotten. Everyone is promoting their own party, and perhaps, their own personal agenda.

Rafizi Ramli said that Dr Mahathir’s ratings had dropped by 20%. What’s the point of just sharing Dr Mahathir’s ratings?

He should provide the same poll rating on Anwar, the DPM and the entire Cabinet. We can then compare his findings, with our own observations on the Cabinet’s performance.

We need a thick skinned PM 

Others wonder if Nurul’s decision had been prompted by the allegations of nepotism and cronyism by PKR’s Latheefa Koya, a vocal critic from her own party.

If Nurul resigned because she was hurt by these criticisms, then she does not possess the steely armour which most politicians wear. This is especially important if she is touted to be Malaysia’s first female PM. She should have stood her ground and contradicted Latheefa, instead of sulking-off by resigning.

Perhaps, this is one way to get sympathy votes, for herself. Remember how the public reacted to the young, newly minted politician, Najib, on the death of his father, Abdul Razak. Remember the same sympathy which was reserved for the widows of Umno-Baru politicians, who were persuaded to take part in the by-elections for seats, left vacant by their dead husbands?

Why shoot Latheefa, who is only the messenger?

The daggers are now out for Latheefa because the “Reformasi Princess” was forced to bow out; but Latheefa did not do anything wrong.

If we are to continue to rebuild the nation in the era known as Malaysia Baru, then constructive criticism is needed so that we do not emulate Umno-Baru where for decades, the Umno-Baru members, their senior politicians and also the rakyat kept quiet, whenever our leaders broke the law.

Did she demand that Khairy apologise for the pornographic road-show which slurred her father’s reputation?

If Nurul had any principles, she did not appear to show them when she met Khairy Jamaluddin, the man who once accused her father of being a homosexual and went on a roadshow with Najib’s disgraced lawyer, Shafee Abdullah in a series of talks, which bordered on soft porn fuelled by a vivid imagination.

Did Khairy make a public apology to Anwar for his moment of madness?

Nurul should show some integrity and demand that KJ apologise for the slur on her father’s character.


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • chng kooi seng says:

    Dear MM. Can you recommend a website(in English)that will provide authentic, reliable opinions/facts on issues pertaining to Islam/Holy Quran. Thanks.

  • chng kooi seng says:

    60 yrs of ketuanan melayu, ketuanan islam has been the boon and bane for malays. Many have become rich and powerful without sweating an ounce. But the bane is worse. The psyche is so irreversibly changed there is no difference between PH and BN. Everyone is gunning for power and the wealth that comes with it. When the World Bank commented on the substandard education in Malaysia, no one made any sound. The minister of education was silent, Malay educationists were silent and even the ordinary Malay made no comments. This last group is always very silent – not knowing right from wrong, good from bad, moral from the immoral. The world bank report says that substandard education is worse than debt, because while debt can be repaid, substandard education is very long lasting because of the inability to gain useful employment. This applies almost exclusively to malays. Just look at the number of graduates from govt institutions. Even private institutions have a quota of Mara students, who HAVE to be passed, no matter what. Is there hope? Probably not. Even now the racists, radicals and corrupt are the ones making the noises and the moves. The rest can only watch and wonder.

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