A short history lesson about the invasion of Malaysia by Saudi Arabia.

Test your knowledge of early Malayan history.

No need for extra special knowledge…just use your eyes.

Here are two photos from which to choose

This is photo ‘A’

Photo ‘A’. 1st & 2nd R women displaying Malaysia’s latest weaponry against Corona-virus

All the women are in rapt concentration and very focused. Dependable and dedicated.

This is Photo ‘B’

Photo ‘B’: The Merdeka has two meanings…(i) that they love to makan at their host’s Merdeka functions and (ii) their minds are ‘Merdeka‘ and freed from the Ketuanan cage

These women look like they couldn’t concentrate on anything serious apart from taking photos, more selfies and makan…and having fun

Your questions.

  1. Which photo represents Malay women? A or B

Place your answer below in the comments section or on FB

2. Which one shows the pseudo Arabs? A or B

Place your answer below in the comments section or on FB

3. Who is better protected against Corona-virus? Is it the girls in ‘A’ or ‘B’

Answer to question (3) will be given in a few days time…but you can place your answer in the comments section or on FB if you wish.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • ShanghaiFish says:

    Photo A is the hypocritical sex-slaves of insecured domineering Muslim men who use religion to control them up to the point of even dressing them up like garbage bags.
    Photo B now is what Malaysia used to be. Women who are empowered with education and without Arabic influence. They were what we used to have in the 60s and early 70s before the Arabisation and Talibanism policies were introduced in our education system and fear and hatred towards non-Muslims and their lifestyles frowned upon. That was a long time ago and I blame the MahaFiraun and his then side-kick Anwar for this propagation personally.Give me Photo B anyday. This is a personal view of a non-Malay Malaysian born before Merdeka. ??????

  • wickiekcshim says:

    1. B
    2. A
    3. B

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