ABIM & Perlis mufti give 15lam a bad name. Do they think that might is right?

The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim) has called on the government to ensure that single mother Loh Siew Hong is given the opportunity to see her three children as often as possible.

Its president Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz, in a statement today, said the issue of custody of children and unilateral conversion had dragged on for so long and that a thorough solution is needed.

“Abim believes that we must provide the flexibility for mothers who have not yet converted to Islam to meet their children as often as possible.

“A mother’s love for her child is a nature bestowed by God, which no one has the right to violate,” said Faisal.

My questions:

What does Muhammad Faisal mean by “…mothers who have not yet converted to Islam…”?

Why does he think that Loh should convert to Islam? Why should she?

What happened to Article 11 of the Federal Constitution?

Why can’t Muhammad Faizal understand that the conversion of Loh’s children to Islam was illegal? 

Children who are to be converted, can only be done with the consent of both mother and father.

Whilst Loh was hospitalised after her former husband hit her head with a hammer and broke her arms and legs, he abducted their children and converted them without her knowledge.

When she was discharged and sought shelter in a home for women who are victims of domestic violence, she tried to trace the whereabouts of her children but had no success.

Her husband’s family would not tell her where the children were.

After her former husband converted the children, he dumped his teenage twin daughters into a home for converts.

Why did he do this? Why can’t the children and mother be reunited?

Loh’s 10 year-old son was enrolled into a tahfiz school.

The tahfiz school provides limited intellectual development. A child needs a proper education.

As a chef who operated her own food stall, Loh was financially able to take care of her children.

On the other hand, her husband had an affair with an Indian Muslim woman, had no job, dabbled in drugs, and beat her up regularly. He was subsequently jailed for drug related offences.

When Loh filed for divorce, the court gave her full custody of the children. Can ABIM not understand this? Loh was given sole custody of her children, folloing her divorce.

Why should Loh now be dragged through the legal mess and spend more money to get her children back, just because her husband, and his family, were shameful, despicable and immoral to destroy Loh and her children’s futures?

MAZA’s role using 15lam to destroy a family

The other vile element to this sorry story is the role played by the Perlis mufti, Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, aka MAZA

He wades in, then claims that Loh’s children did not want to see their mother and would rather remain as Muslims?

Religious men like MAZA do more damage to the nation, to the family institution and to 15lam in Malaysia.


MAZA is dangerous. He like many others in Malaysia, use 15lam to promote themselves, to mislead Muslims and to destroy the harmony of a multicultural nation.

How dare he poison the minds of Loh’s children and the rakyat?

He is catapulted onto the scene, with photographers taking pictures of him and Loh’s twins daughters being wined and dined on satay, then insults both the children and Loh. He ignores how Loh was attacked by her former husband with a hammer, how the convert threatened his former wife and children, and how the children were illegally converted.

MAZA then claims that in Perlis, the law says that children need only the consent of one parent to be converted.

How convenient

THis is the pathetic syariah law in Malaysia, where Federal law means diddly squat but state law takes precedence.

This is how gatal husbands take on wives no 2,3,4 etc by providing an addess in another state to the oneo he lives in, where the permission of the first wife is not necessary for him to commit polygamy.

No wonder syariah law in Malaysia is a mess. Ask the many thousands of divorced Muslim women who were let down by the system

And now, add to that the lives of young children who are forced into a tug-of-war by the religious authorites who are irresponsible and callous.

For them the mufti and the religios authorities, conversion is a numbers game. They could not care less if the convert does it because he is interested in knowing and understanding Islam.

If allegations are to be beleived, there is also a financial inventive involved.

No wonder 15lam is brought into disrepute by those who should know better.

Where are the voices of the guardians of Islam in the state?

Penang mufti developed cold feet.

Just when we thought all hell had broken loose in Malaysia and all hope was lost, one ray of hope emerged.

The Penang Mufti, Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor, spoke up for Loh and said a mother should not be separated from her children

A few days ago, Wan Salim highlighted the importance of a relationship between a mother and her child. He said, “I call on the authorities to find a way so that the children can meet their parents as often as possible despite their different religions.

“We should prove that Malaysians of various races, religions and cultures are people who always love peace and well-being and respect each other.”

Penang mufti

He spoke too soon because the following day, he was pressured into making an apology. He apologised and said that the children should remain Muslim but the mother can have custody.

This is the Malaysia we have inherited. A place where logic and right thinking, law-abiding citizens are brushed aside by the bigots and the munafiks (hypocrites)

Can Wan Salim also not understand that the children were converted without the mother’s permission?

What is wrong with the bigots?What sort of Islam is being practised in Malaysia?

The bullying kind?

The one which says that might is right, just because 60% of the population is Muslim?

Trust the muftis in Malaysia to give 15lam a bad name in Malaysia.

This is what happens when you mix religion and politics

This is the madness that the country is saddled with when clerics and bigots are allowed to hold the whole nation to ramson.

Everyone is afraid of speaking the truth.

Everyone is afraid that the bigots and extremist will go on the rampage.

And so, the whole nation is held to ransom by these vile extremists, because the authorities are too cowardly to act and are reluctant to uphold law and order.

The whole nation suffers.

15lam takes a severe bashing.

The lives of innocent people are destroyed.

Families are broken up.

Divide and conquer rule.

Only the evil bigots triumph.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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