After one year, how would you rate the performance of the Perak MB? A maintenance contract given to a company with no manpower, trampling on the rights of the Orang Asli at Cunex, keeping the MAPS white elephant, & more.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, may have rated his Cabinet “five out of 10”, almost a year after the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition came to power.

If you had the chance to rate the performance of the Perak Mentri Besar, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, what would it be?

Your views

  • One Ipoh resident is pleased that Umno-Baru/BN was kicked out, but he is less than impressed with PH, under Ahmad Faizal. He said, “Nothing has changed under the clueless MB who has no  idea of the role of a MB. He thinks his role is to maintain his ‘hansem’ face and moustache for promoting MAPS, for video recording, and for launching rocket centres.”
  • Another said, “His call for a brand new airport in the Manjung area is nothing but a hare-brained scheme which even his partners in PH are against. What was he thinking? Perak is poor as hell and can’t  even provide proper services (look at how dirty Ipoh is) and our roads are patched-up rather than properly resurfaced; and there is our MB wanting a new airport.”
  • Someone who wants to remain anonymous said, “When will this MB look into the allegations of illegal sand mining in Sungei Perak? The sand mining may not have involved MB Inc., but it is alleged that one of former MB, Zambry Ahmad’s cronies, who is possibly still in MB Inc. is involved.
  • It is alleged that more licences have been approved. Sand mining disrupts the performance of the water intake plants, causes river bank erosion and will make some species, like water terrapins, extinct.
  • A retired civil servant who voted to get rid of Umno-Baru/BN, which he called domineering and whose leaders were known for their land grabs said, “We want to see PH coalition partners in Perak speak out. This MB is less than competent. Why are they silent?”

Monkey Business

Forest farm project awarded to a company with RM2 paid-up capital

On 23 April, the MB said that any company with interests in forest farm development projects would need a minimum capital of RM200,000. The irony is that months earlier, he approved a company with a RM2 paid-up capital. He even dragged the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) into the scandal, but Wong Tack, its chairman, denied MITB’s involvement. Already, this MB has failed several integrity tests.

The missing mayor, hefty assessments but poor MBI service

Ipoh, with or without a mayor, suffers from the usual problems. How on earth did the city council not realise that the mayor had gone AWOL?

When the issues with the mayor were highlighted, the MB said that a new mayor had been appointed and would start work before May. It is now the first week of May and he quickly issued a statement to say that the new mayor would start work before Raya. He said that the new mayor will not be a political appointee. Why even mention that? the MB tried to impress us by saying the new mayor could speak Japanese. Being fluent in Japanese is the least of our concerns because Ipoh suffers from many problems which have not been satisfactorily tackled.

The residents of Ipoh garden (primarily from Bulatan/Leboh, Persiaran/Lengkok/Hala/Regat Ipoh, Jalan Potter and Jalan Yin Choo Han) have been consistent in raising complaints about Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) & the Ipoh Mayor since the days of Umno-Baru/BN (under MB Zambry).

In an email they said, “Our main problem with MBI is the lack of services. Despite paying hefty assessments, which are larger than those for houses of similar sizes on Penang island, our drains are dirty, clogged up and have not been cleaned for years.

“The grass has overgrown its confines and is creeping onto the roads, narrowing the useable width of the tarred roads. Tarred roads are becoming more like cobbled alleys, because our roads have not been re tarred for close to 40 years.

“Only half of Jalan Potter was re-tarred for SUKMA. Grass is haphazardly cut and left on the road, instead of being swept-up for disposal.

“The lack of rubbish collection has created a health hazard. In the morning, workers collect rubbish and place it in bags which are then left in the back lanes,  piled up at different intersections, waiting for disposal.

“The rubbish is collected between 12:30pm and 5pm, but in the meantime, stray dogs and cats claw through the rubbish bags and leave a mess.

“The rubbish collectors place the bags into the lorries, but they leave behind the mess which has spilled from the torn rubbish bags, making the area more dirty and unhygienic.

“We have written to the Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Perak, urging her to take action against MBI. We were forced to do this, because  Jabatan Kesihatan threatens to fine the residents, for creating the conditions which could cause a dengue outbreak. Then, they fog our houses, instead of dealing with the clogged drains which are under the jurisdiction of the MBI.”

When the residents contacted their state assemblywoman, she was unable to tell them the reason for failing to terminate the contracts of incompetent contractors, nor could she tell them why the MBI cannot do efficient work.

The disgruntled residents said, “Despite raising all these problems with PH, nothing has changed. Yes our state assemblywoman does listen, but its for the sake of listening, but only to gain ammunition for the next GE.”

A maintenance contract awarded to a Johore company with no manpower nor experience.

More importantly, will the MB deal with the allegation that the maintenance contract for Ipoh was awarded to a company from Johor, that has no manpower, at all. The company has allegedly set up an office in Falim, behind the Shell station, and is known as “Bujang Holdings Sdn Bhd”.

A company with no manpower has no experience, and its owners will cut corners, to reap the maximum profit.

They will probably offer the work to the cheapest sub-contractor, who will be forced to do shoddy work, in order to make a meagre profit. Will PH investigate this allegation?

Perak MB who does not acknowledge the rights of the Orang Asli

Of special interest is the plight of the Orang Asli (OA). Does the MB merely pay lip service to their various problems. As a result of his approval of the logging in Perak, logging workers and 20 timber lorry drivers breached the blockade at Kampung Cunex.

A fleet of santai-wong (‘king of the forest’ lorries- the tough workhorses of the loggers) entered the log-yard (matau), where the cut timber is stored, and removed the timber.

The police have been informed by the Centre for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC),  but the investigating officer claimed that no report had been made. The OA have set up their blockade again, but will the MB intervene and protect their rights.

So, how would you rate this MB?

(Give Ahmad Faizal Azumu a rating out of 10.)



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  • Rosemary Chin says:

    Not only Ipoh, the same situation all over the country (almost). We pay taxes and assessment fees and quit rent for no services from the Majlis. Where is JKR? Does it still exist? Workers are from private contractors, no one ever checks on them. They spent more time resting than working. What to do, govt depts work 5 day week. . . They walk around with their eyes half-closed.

  • Angry Ipohites says:

    MBI is horrendous. Raising assessment fees but do nothing to clean the neighborhood.

    The grass next to the drain is as high as my knee & over 1 month no contractor comes to cut the grass in my neighbourhood. One portion of the drain is overflowed & never been cut for years that NOW it becomes a breeding ground for small harmless snakes & biawak.

    The drains are all overflowed & filled with previously cut & overgrown grass – causing puddle of trapped water & breeding ground of mosquitoes.

    The padang is now full of tall grass till the knees that one can hide there & nobody can see you if we were to play hide & seek. If called the MBI workers to come to do clean up, they will work till 11.00 then go makan. Come back by 2 & all cabut by 4pm.

    Really missed the olden days in the 90s & 2000s where MBI did the grass cutting & cleaned drains on a monthly basis. All neat & tidy

    Roads are patchy & full of potholes damaged by overweight lorries. Most of the roads are not resurfaced for more than 40 years.

    Since MBI is not being responsible, we Ipohites must MAKE them be accountable.

    Since 2017, I no longer pay my assessment 1 full year but pay in 2 installments = Feb & Aug. Since we gave them the money upfront, they are not good in fiscal management & you will see tons of saman activities towards 2nd half of the year – coz they habis spending it lavishly the 1st half of the year & needed to raise some funds.

    Why spent over $50,000 for lucky draw gifts (most people never WIN) & 1 lady told me she got LUCKY & won a set of plates that were old, dusty & with broken packaging. Lol, that was old stock. Where’s the rest of the expensive gifts like cars, motorbikes, refrigerator – all recycled or sold back to get kickbacks???

    Why spent $$ for free gifts. Ipohites will gladly pay on time if MBI does its job in keeping Ipoh clean & repair all the potholes.

    We Ipohites must UNITE. Please DON’T PAY your assessment tax for 1 full year but pay in 2 installments. This is to tell MBI, do your job & the 2nd part of the funds will be released later.

    MBI never ever released its revenues & expenditure to the public despite Ipoh Echo asking for it. But along with the 2nd installment bill sent to you, there will be some details on revenues & spending printed on the bill.

    A simple comparison with previous year’s record will tell you how responsible & efficient MBI is operating. You as assessment payers have the RIGHT to see the record & judge how GREAT MBI is doing its job!

  • B says:

    Where’s the C.A.T ?

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