After the US investigation, is this the face of Malay dignity?

Najib The Chosen One Credit FMT

The  Malaysians especially the Malays, who still think “The Chosen One”, also known as Najib Abdul Razak can hide behind his wall of silence, need to read the latest report by the Americans.

The Malaysian leaders, in particular the Malay leaders, have FAILED us, the Malaysian rakyat.

But it is YOU….the Umno-Baru supporters and those who adore “The Chosen One” and those who are afraid of FLOM, who are the worst sort.

You ignored, or turned a blind eye to the truth.

You refused to accept transparency

You condone the corrupt system.

You let us down worse, than our leaders fail us. Where were you, when we needed your support?

In a press conference organised by the US Department of Justice and which Malaysiakini reported here, the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew McCabe said, “The Malaysian people were defrauded on an enormous scale (in) a scheme which tentacles reached around the world.”

Failure of our government

Our government-controlled-institutions, like the Attorney-General’s office, the police, the MACC and our civil service, refused to investigate any wrongdoing properly. It was left to seven other nations, to expose what our leaders and government have tried to hide from the rakyat.

The US investigators said that taxpayer’s money, was used, under the guise of 1MDB,  to pay for gambling debts in Las Vegas and other abuses.

But we were told that the money was to be used for oil exploration.

Remember how these officials made repeated trips to the middle east… God only knows what deals they struck up and what they did to spend our money.

McCabe said, “On paper the US$1 billion was for resource rights, instead (it was) used for personal enrichment…(including) gambling debts in Las Vegas casinos, a luxury yacht, interior decorators in London, millions in property including a Bombardier jet costing US$35 million” .

This is a sad day for Malaysia.

The ruling party Umno-Baru, the longest serving party in Malaysia prides itself on calling itself the only party which PROTECTS ISLAM and the MALAYS.

Umno-Baru’s party leader, the succession of Umno-Baru leaders, and of course, the new tag team of Najib Abdul Razak and Hadi Awang, the President of PAS, have all brought SHAME on Malaysia.

What sort of man is Hadi? A religious leader who does not know right from wrong. Hadi who cannot see corruption but freely criticises a woman who is without a tudung.

Any other person would have called these allegedly corrupt Malay leaders th*****.

They do not protect Islam or the Malays. They only protect themselves.

They have no Malay dignity. They only bring shame.

Resign now and take your corrupt cabinet with you!

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Nik Sidek says:

    Well put, Mariam. It takes US DOJ to do the job that our
    own institutions won’t , or dare not. With all the evidence the blind
    will not see. Not only that they accuse the US of conspiracy despite clear statements that DOJ is seeking to return the stolen money to the victims. Where can we hide our faces?

  • GP CHUA says:

    Ms Puan Engineer MM

    Loves what your write…
    Let do some “”real”” work for the 20 Million Malaysian who earns less than RM1000 per month as part of your PLA etc
    Your good writing cannot help the hungry+angry locally or 60% of global BoP population

    Am ex-KT by choice…have developed Systems for Farm-2-Table system
    farming +++ system

    Let start the conversation

    Mr GP CHUA

    • Mataziz says:

      Great Human Thingking of Well being of their fellow country people nit for their family interest. Kèep it up. Let’s do it

  • Steve L H Teoh says:

    Tis beloved nation of ours is indebted to the likes of you Puan Mokhtar. And for sure, the truth will set us free ! ?

    • Wally Yap says:

      If the country is to move forward,it is for the Malays to take the initiative to change the Government.The non-Malays have little or no voice in this country.Any criticism towards the Government will be turned into a racial issue,that the Malays are being insulted,thus giving the Red Shirts hooligans an excuse to take to the streets.

  • R.Prem Kumar says:

    The learned Attorney General Malaysia is wise not to be entrapped by his US counterpart. The elephant of evidence is in reality a hairless mammoth.

  • Joshua says:

    Need to translate to BM because “many” can’t understand this post.

    Even if they do, personal gain is more important than pride and dignity.

  • James Tan says:

    Thank you… Mariam
    You have done a wonderful job to continuously expose the crimes of Umno and their cohorts. We are solid behind you. Thks again.

  • tan beng sooi says:

    The red shirts should gather at the official residence and throw hell notes at him, instead of keeping quiet. Maybe they dont read international news as the local papers will not be publishing the news.

    • Samuel says:

      Red shirts will throw hell notes at US embassy for “stretching” their hands into Msia’s sovereign.

      • Cclim says:

        Red shirts ppl are blinded..pls forgive them for their ignorance and stupidity bcos they r being paid for doing so.

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