Ahmad Faizal Azumu failed Perak, jumped from party to party, but is now a minister.

Ahmad Faizal Azumu lied about his degree. He did not object or deny, when Berita Harian reported that he was a Business studies graduate from Edith Cowan University.

When all hell broke loose about ministers and fake degrees, he had the cheek to tell ministers to tell the truth about their degrees. He also claimed that he had come clean much earlier but I cannot find the press release about this at all.

The frogs who jumped must be hopping mad. Ahmad Faizal’s best quality is to ampu bodek. He managed to jump higher than them.

Many of Mahiaddin Yassin’s ministers are thicker than condensed milk.

Here is what Ahmad Faizal will tell Mahiaddin.

If some thugs come into your shop or premises and trash the place, Ahmad Faizal will advise Mahiaddin to take no action against the thugs

If there are large untouched areas of virgin jungle, Ahmad Faizal will tell Mahiaddin, to develop the jungle and quietly award the contract to an unknown company with a paid up capital of RM2 and no previous experience at all.

If there are any white elephants that have been built, and by right should be sold off, Ahmad Faizal will advise to keep pouring hundreds of millions of ringgits into the failed project. because after all, its votes that count.

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