Amanah is in London. Is the party fit for purpose? Are their politicians any good?


Today, Amanah is in London and will be telling Malaysians about the changes it has planned for Malaysia.

Please attend their talk and ask questions about the way forward. Do not hold back. Give them difficult questions.

Ask about religion.

Ask about race.

Ask how the party will treat women.

Will Amanah get rid of Jakim?

How will they bridge the widening gap between the uber rich and poor?

How will they build bridges between the Malays and non-Malays, between Muslims and non-Muslim?

What about our children’s education?

How will they restore the independence of our institutions?

Do not ask easy questions. Challenge them. It is time these politicians did some work for us.

Remember the talk by former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad two weeks ago?  What did he tell you about Bersatu and the beginning of a new era for Malaysia?

What did he tell you then? Nothing, right?

The questions were piddly and did not challenge him enough.

Don’t do the same to Amanah. Give then a hard time. Demand answers.

Try this.

Good luck!





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