AMANAH must dare to be different, if the party wants our support


If Amanah wants to make a difference, tell us how the party can look after us and our families, restore our dignity, make us proud of Malaysia; the country we call home.

How will Amanah provide us with a good future for our children, look after their health, provide them with sound education and job security? We want to know if Amanah will safeguard the environment and stop the rape of the land, as has happened in Kelantan.

How will Amanah reconcile the role of Islam in a democratic nation like Malaysia?

How will Amanah disentangle us from our current belief that in Malaysia, the old guard – the veteran politicians – hold sway? We want to know when young minds, with new ideas, and outstanding personalities are allowed to emerge, with confidence, to rebuild Malaysia?

Veteran politicians.

The veteran politicians are afraid to break from race. Mahathir once said that Bersatu was formed as a race-based party because Malays are comfortable with this concept. Days later, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who can never make up his mind, whether to stay or leave Umno-Baru, mirrored Mahathir’s thoughts when he, too, spoke about race and politics, in an interview with Sinar Harian.

For the veteran politicians, everything boils down to race.

No wonder Malaysia cannot move forwards. The fixation on race precludes other discussions.
No one politician is particularly outstanding. Most of them are stuck in a mental rut.

A study of clones

Malaysian politics is a study of clones. Najib Abdul Razak is Mahathir’s clone. Bersatu is a clone of Umno-Baru.

Some people claim that PKR is a clone that is full of Umno-Baru rejects.

PAS is now in bed with Umno-Baru. Has Hadi forgotten what Umno did to PAS in Memali? Were those lives lost for nothing?

If you want our support…

If Amanah does not want to be thought of as a clone of PAS, and if it wants our support, they must talk about the future and what they can do for all Malaysians. Not just Malays, or west Malaysians. Please do not bore us about the events of the past, or even with PAS’ problems.

Can Amanah convince the modern Malaysian woman that it has her interests at heart? The religious men are desperate to control her, and turn her into a stay-at-home-mum and a breeding machine.

Amanah must try to restore the checks and balances needed for just governance. We want an independent judiciary, an independent election commission, and a police force that is not beholden to the office of the PM.

Amanah must halt the rapid Islamisation or as many Malays beleive, rapid Wahhabism in Malaysia.

Ever since Mahathir declared Malaysia an Islamic state, Malays have lost their private life and non-Malay lives are increasingly being encroached upon. Mahathir failed to curb the powers of the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim), the monster he created.

Jakim is a money-gobbling entity, which uses religion to maintain a vice-like grip on Malays. Will Amanah be brave enough to dismantle Jakim? Why should Muslims in Malaysia, adhere to Jakim’s warped interpretation of Islam?

Amanah must ban the National Civics Bureau (BTN) courses, the source of indoctrination which pollutes young minds.

Will Amanah bridge the gap between the various communities, instead of being told that Malaysians are comfortable with race and that we are not ready to abandon race-based politics?

We are ready!

We disagree with the veteran politicians who say that Malaysians must embrace race-based politics. You need only talk to a young Malaysian to know that their Malaysian identity is strong. We are ready!

Show us Amanah’s road map for Malaysia, and dare to be different from all previous governments.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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