Another Green Bean Army (GBA) food for activists

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAActivism is hard work. So how do you feed an army of activists? Sausage rolls. They are easy. No need to mess around with fork and knife or spoon and fork or chopstick. Just pop one into the mouth.

These sausage rolls are preseasoned and  the chutney, mustard and tomato sause makes it ready seasoned and flavoured.

Below is a cheat’s guide to GBA’s simple sausages.

Ingredients – To make 20 sausage rolls, just get 1 lb (450g) of good quality sausages (make your own if you can be bothered – recipe for another day), tsp of herbs of your choice, 1/2 onion, 4 tablespoons of chutney, tomato sauce, 5 teaspoons of English mustard  (or wasabe if you prefer or French dijon, if you like bits, or American if you don;t like it fiery), one egg yolk for the egg wash and one pack of ready to roll puff pasty (this is the cheating bit – you can make your own, but that receipe is for another day… is waiting to be fed!!!)

Roll out puff pasty. Divide into 10 grids. Put a blob of chutney, smear of mustard and dash of tomato sauce along each grid. Spread this mass of sauces along the bottom of each grid. Place a sausage in each grid and cut the grid, and where the cut edges meet, crimp the edges together with a fork to seal it. Score top of each sausage package. Brush with egg yolk. Cut each packaged sausage into two. Place on lightly greased baking dish. Cook in top of hot oven 190 deg C for 35 minutes. Check after 30 minuites. The colour should be nice golden brown. Give it another 5 minutes, if necessary.

Take out of oven, place on wire tray to cool. Feed your army of activists.

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