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Anwar is far less important than Malaysia Baru

One month ago, I wrote this article (below) (for Malaysiakini). It was written as soon as I found out that Anwar Ibrahim and his inner circle was about to engineer a by-election somewhere in Malaysia. At that time we did not know where. It was a few days after I wrote this piece, that we found out that it was to be in Port Dickson.

Anwar’s fas were outraged by this article.

In the past month, ever since the PD by-election was announced, Anwar and his family, have exposed their true colours and acted with extreme arrogance. Their sense of entitlement is strong.

The disbelief that some Malaysians dare to oppose him, has shocked them. Instead of our views being considered, they have become more belligerent and acted like power crazed people. The more we rejected him, he labeled some of us Super Liberals. How daft can he get?

In the past month, Anwar has told both Bersih and the EC not to go overboard.

He gatecrashed an army veterans’ event and tried to outstage the Defence Minister. He has certainly compromised Mat Sabu’s position.

He has promised so many things to the people of PD. Will he keep any of them?

He has wasted our MPs and Ministers’s time, including PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s time. We have more important matters of state to solve, instead of pandering to a man with a strong sense of entitlement. He is like a spoilt brat.

He is not even an MP, and yet he has talked about reshuffling the Cabinet, when he succeeds the PM. Yesterday, he talked about reforming parliament. Reform? How? Why is he undermining the MPs and ministers.

Check out this link, to read what other ills he is responsible for.

Tomorrow, when you vote in Port Dickson, do so wisely. By right, he (Anwar) has NOT acted ethically. He has let Malaysians down with his warped sense of entitlement.


At a time when integrity amongst politicians and civil servants is at an all-time low, why is PKR president-elect, Anwar Ibrahim unashamedly abusing his power?

Anwar recently announced that a parliamentary seat would be vacated to trigger a by-election in which he hoped to contest, and be made an MP.

If Anwar is as credible as he portrays himself, he should reject this fast-track method of becoming an MP.

Vacating a parliamentary seat reminds us of another of Umno-Baru’s backdoor trick. Failed politicians who lost elections were sworn in as senators, then elevated to important positions in government.

Anwar admitted that two, possibly three seats, would be made available. He claimed that he did not know which constituencies were involved and told us to wait for the announcement.

First: He should reject the proposal and censure the people who cooked up this suggestion.

Second: If he is a man of integrity, he should put the electorate first. They voted for change. They voted for the man or woman in their constituency. They placed their trust in this person. They did not elect him, only for their votes to be manipulated.

Third: Agreeing to this by-election proposal only projects Anwar as a greedy, power-hungry, self-serving and impatient man. The electorate would feel that they have been cheated of their votes, if Anwar were to become an MP, via this backdoor route.

Fourth: The rakyat is tired of elections and by-elections. The low voter turnout at the last two by-elections reflects this. The process of canvassing, and getting ready for voting, is time-consuming and expensive. The parties need to focus on ridding the nation of corruption and its other ills. Why distract politicians from their duties? Why waste money unnecessarily?

Fifth: What if Anwar loses?

The opposition, pre-GE-14, could not shift the Malay electorate without Dr Mahathir Mohamad  being part of Pakatan Harapan.


We are aware of Mahathir’s past and we want him to fix the nation, as he was responsible for many things which affect us today. He knows what should be done and how to crush Umno-Baru.

Anwar should allow Mahathir to deal with the mess created by Umno-Baru and not have to deal with the potential mess which Anwar might create.

In the new reformed Malaysia (Malaysia Baru) the best Anwar can do is to assist the government from the sidelines. He should not undermine the reform, by going around paying homage to various people as he did, immediately after his release from Sungai Buloh. Nor should he make remarks, as he did in Ipoh, that GLCs should not be criticised.

Prison may have stopped Anwar from knowing what goes on in the outside world, but the GLCs are part of our problem. The CEOs of GLCs, their mismanagement, and their inflated salaries and perks, have been detrimental to the efficient running of our GLCs.

Remember the other spouse, who demanded to be in the limelight

Soon after his release, Anwar’s behaviour was reminiscent of another infamous spouse, the former First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM), Rosmah Mansor, who upstaged her husband, the former disgraced PM, Najib Abdul Razak.

Why can’t some Malaysian spouses of key politicians, be less visible? One couldn’t accuse Margaret Thatcher’s husband of projecting himself.

The rakyat is also not amused by Anwar’s name dropping (just listen to his speeches). Many moderate Muslims wonder if he will resume the Islamisation of the nation if he becomes PM.

In the early 1980s, Mahathir enlisted Anwar’s help to project a more Muslim image for Umno, to counter the rise in the popularity of PAS, which was energised by the Iranian revolution and the global rise of Islam.

Anwar introduced the tudung to our educational institutions and today, the emphasis on rituals in Islam, has overshadowed many of the good aspects of Islam.

A few weeks ago, Anwar warned PKR leaders and members not to abuse their power. Wouldn’t he be abusing his power, if a seat were to be vacated especially for him?

If we worked hard to achieve a particular position in a company, why should we give way to someone else, just because he feels he deserves the post? The sense of entitlement and lust for self-aggrandisement are two of the negative traits that are destroying the work ethic and social structure of the Malays.

Copying Umno-Baru’s tactic of division

Umno-Baru’s tactic of using race, religion, the royals and the rural people, was a trick which they used to maximum effect to divide the people. Anwar’s party is divided, between the Azmin Ali and Rafizi Ramli camps.

Anwar was once a staunch Umno-Baru man. Is he using this tactic of divide and rule, to strengthen his grip on power?

To regain the rakyat’s trust, Anwar could unite his party and force these two camps to see eye-to-eye. The nation is angry with the distractions they create. Moreover, they undermine Harapan.

The people have tasted change and found it easy to vote for an alternative government. The rakyat, which is fed-up with an impatient Anwar, may vote Harapan out of office in GE15.

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