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Anwar’s use of the word “stab” is reckless & irresponsible.

For someone who claims to be well read and learned, prime minister Anwar Ibrahim’s choice of word “stab”, to describe the claim that he had neglected to help the Indian community.

Check this link/article in Malaysiakini.

Around the world, the cases of stabbings are staggering. Terrorists on the rampage in London. Children bringing knives to school for “protection” from bullies. People with mental health issues carrying knives to kill others as in the Sydney tragedy. Gang members demand recruits to their gangs to knife people as an initiation process into the gang. Gang members stabbing rival gang members. The list goes on.

Anwar’s vocabulary is limited that he cannot use another word to describe his interaction with the Indian community.

Here is an excerpt of the Malaysiakini article.

…Anwar said, “The solution to the problems of the Indians is not only through the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (Mitra). We also have Tekun, in which we allocated RM30 million just for Indians (micro-entrepreneurs).

“There is RM50 million just for Indian families under Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia, which covers the repair of essential basic sanitary infrastructure in our Tamil schools.

“If I didn’t do anything for the Indian community, you have the right to ’stab’ me,” he said…

The PM’s choice of word is both reckless and irresponsible.

Why use “stab”? What is going on in his mind? What does he think of the Indian community, that made him select the word “stab”?

By the day, your premiership is showing signs of distress!

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