Anyone interested in a study trip to Rome?

IGP in Rome. Photo Credit Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report writes in an article that at least ten officers of PDRM, led by the Inspector General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, and their “female companions”, have in the past week been on a jolly to Rome, and staying at Rome’s most expensive Five Star hotels.

The article states, “Observers passed the information to Sarawak Report, which has confirmed that Abu Baker and several officers are indeed currently on an ‘official visit’ to Italy, in order to supposedly study techniques on controlling mafia activities.

The entire party is believed to be scheduled to travel on to London today (26/05/16), for further ‘skills training’.”

Bellissiimo! Magnifico!

Ever year, during summer, and Christmas, government officials engage in study-trips-cum-working-visits, at rakyat’s expense.

Did they fly First Class?

You tell me. How else to carry the purchases? Kandang-class is a pitiful 30kg of baggage.

Am I the only who has noticed that these study trips frequently take place in summer and Christmas?

Why summer?

Warm weather, coincides with time to pick-up the kids from school, for their summer holidays.

Aren’t parents a bit early?

No. They need to do some serious retail therapy in the luxury shops of London, Milan, Rome and Paris.

Isn’t the weather dreadful around Christmas?

Who cares! The kids need picking-up from school before the whole family heads-off for the ski slopes of Aspen or St Moritz.

Time also to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer.

One can’t fully relax back home in Malaysia with too many watchful eyes.

When the Christmas break is over, and the kids are back at school, time to indulge in a bit of winter clearance sales, before home.

Ahhhhhhhhhh… This is the life!

How ironic that people like Maria Chin are alleged to “threaten national security” and stopped from travelling outside Malaysia. Brillante!!


Photo credit Sarawak Report. Please click on link to read full article in Sarawak Report.

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