Are you at the Hospital KL? Is the vending machine still obstructing the signboard?

Vending maching obstructing the signboard at Pintu B of KL Hospital

The photo says it all. Any visitor to the KL Hospital, who wishes to know where to go, either for an appointment or to visit someone, will wonder why the vending machine has been placed right in front of the signboard, and obstructing it.

Is this an acceptable place for the vending machine, or the only place available?

Are the companies allowed to place their vending machines anywhere they fancy?

What about the other locations for the vending machines in the building? Let’s hope that fire exits are not blocked.

Entrance to Pintu B: Why bother having the signboard and then block it from view?

When members of the hospital administration walk past, don’t they see that the signboard is obstructed? Is this acceptable?

Perhaps, they don’t see little things like this. Perhaps it is not important.

People may think, what’s the fuss. One can ask the reception or the security guard for directions.

Why block the signboard with the snack vending machine?

Well, the fuss is this.

It just shows that there is a tidak-apa attitude being adopted. One should have pride in one’s work.

What if you are in a rush to see a very ill patient in ICU or had an appointment?

There could be a long queue at reception, but if you could read the signboard, you could at least make your way to the correct floor.

Perhaps, the guard is busy or is nowhere to be found. Vital minutes could be lost especially if you had been summoned to see a dying relative.

One would have to squeeze into the small gap to read the signboard.

This was taken on a visit in December 2019. When I checked again last month, the vending maching was still there.

Is it still there in March 2020?

If you are at the KL hospital, could you please check (Entrance B)?

Little details are important. If the little things are done properly, the big things will take care of themselves.

It will help to explain why our nation is a mess, because we did not take care of the little things that do matter.

The hospital administrative staff should reposition the vending machine before people say, “Profits before medicine” or accuse them of being slapdash.

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