Asyraf Wajdi claims that the youth are bored with the three Rs. He also blames PH for using race to divide the nation. Asyraf mudah lupa! In 2017, he said that it was BN’s responsibility to make Malaysia an Islamic state.

This is an excerpt from the news report.

“BN Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said the youth of today were fed up with the chaotic nature of national politics, as well as its racial and religious slant.

As such, he said it is important for politicians to return to the values that form a harmonious society.

“Young people are fed up with today’s chaotic politics. They do not want to discuss race and religion-based politics…

“For 22 months of the Pakatan Harapan government rule, the issue of race constantly arose as they tried to rip apart… the base of this country,” Asyraf (above) said during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.”

He added “We never allowed for Parliament to become a stage for us to insult and debate without manners and morals.

Parliament is a noble place where the voice of the people must be debated with manners, morals, and based on facts.”

Mudah lupa

Has Asraf selective amnesia? It is Umno-Baru which practices the four Rs, to perfection. Race, religion, royalty and the most important “R” which is rasuah.

Remember the Low Yat Plaza riots? The Red Shirts demonstrations? The Malay Dignity Congress? The attack on the Penang State Assembly?

The politicians who normally act like thugs and utter racist and sexist slurs are mainly from Umno-Baru followed by PAS.

The MPs from Umno-Baru and PAS are mainly the ones who lack morals. Many of them are facing charges for corruption. Some have wriggled their way out of sexual abuse and molestation charges, then run off to Mecca to demonstrate that they are religious. Reports about other BN leaders who have allegedly been sexually abusing young girls simply fade away, just because the party sacks the perpetrator.

Asyraf should not take the moral high ground and tell us that parliament is a place for people of morals. Has he bothered to scrutinise the politicians in his party?

Islamic State of Malaysia

In 2017, Asyraf said that it was BN’s responsibility to make Malaysia an Islamic state. Access it here.

Here’s a query from Yin response, to ask if Malaysia is an Islamic state.

It’s not!

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • Steven says:

    It really boggles the mind how hypocritical people like Asyraf can be.

    But one must “marvel” how these people can look you in the eye and with a straight face tell a blatant falsehood.

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