Azhar Harun may say that his appointment as Speaker is NOT controversial, but what’s his excuse for NOT censuring the Umno-Baru Baling MP for his racist / sexist slurs? Why act only after a public outrage?

So, how good is the former Chairman of the Election Commission (EC), Azhar Azizan Harun, aka Art Harun as a Speaker if he missed the racist/sexist insults in parliament?

The Speaker needs a sharp mind to be quick on the uptake.

1) Why did it take a public outrage for Azhar to realise that racist and sexist remarks had been made?

2) If he had to review the Hansard to realise his mistake, then what does this say about him?

3) How did an outspoken social activist and lawyer suddenly forget all that he had fought for on behalf of the rakyat, and fail to address the offensive remarks in parliament?

First day at work blues

Azhar may have looked resplendent in his Speaker’s robes; but the furrowed brow and the unsmiling eyes probably betrayed his innermost feelings.

Many people dread their first day at work. They are trying to impress everyone, they are anxious, because they have to meet many people and they must absorb a lot of new information.

Azhar’s lack of confidence in his new role was exemplified by his abysmal failure to command respect and restore order in the Malaysian parliament, on his first day on the job as the new Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

He looked lost when the MPs started slanging matches. He struggled to find the dials to mute the microphones of the MPs who were trading insults. It was pandemonium. Azhar was like a class monitor who is unable to control his charges. To add insult to injury, the circus was televised.

Was this show of weakness part of Muhyiddin Yassin’s grand plan to manipulate Azhar? He is aware that Azhar cannot easily be removed from the EC without the approval of the King. The rakyat wondered why he resigned from the EC midway through implementing the many reforms needed and accepted Muhyiddin’s nomination to be Speaker.

After eight minutes in his new role, Azhar ejected the Amanah MP Khalid Samad from parliament.

Will Muhyiddin sidle up to Azhar and pretend to be a friendly avuncular figure and offer words of advice to the newbie, and start a new bond perhaps?

Not street-wise

Azhar may be a lawyer, but he lacks the blood-thirsty animal instincts and street-wise ruthlessness of the MPs who can smell the fear in a novice Speaker.

The rakyat is not blind. It knows that there is no government institution that does not serve as an extension of Umno-Baru. In reality the judiciary, the GLCs, the civil service and the PDRM are not as independent as they would make us believe. Azhar’s acceptance of the appointment to Speaker is controversial, despite his denial.

Azhar failed to exercise his full powers as Speaker. Was he overwhelmed by the enormity of his position? Was he intimidated by the thuggish behaviour in parliament? Was he smarting from comments on social media that he will soon dance to Muhyiddin’s tune?

The Umno-Baru Baling MP,  Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, made racist and sexist remarks to DAP’s Batu Kawan MP, Kasthuriraani Patto in parliament.

He described K Patto as gelap (dark) and recommended that she  pakai bedak (use facial powder).

When other MPs demanded that Azhar firmly censure Abdul Azeez, Azhar said that there was no need to reprimand him.

This is the most disappointing reaction from a once active social activist who has defended the rakyat on several issues.

One does not need to be well versed in the workings of parliament to criticise the person who makes sexist and racist slurs. These offensive remarks are not acceptable anywhere, especially in parliament.

The Speaker failed the rakyat and Malaysians reacted with fury on social media.

The next day, Azhar claimed that he had  reviewed Hansard and concluded that the incident was indeed offensive. He urged Abdul Azeez to apologise to K Patto.

Art said, “I have scrutinised the Hansard on the remarks and I found that the words offensive. (sic) I wish to instruct Baling (MP) to apologise and retract the words.”

Abdul Azeez’s dark past

An unrepentant Abdul Azeez claimed he was referring to K Patto’s seat location, instead of her personally. He said, “I will comply, but allow me to explain the issue in my capacity as a lawmaker. I have no intention to call anyone dark.

“I sat at the same spot (opposition bench) for two years and we rarely caught the attention of the speaker. Yesterday, I said the place was ‘gelap’ (dark).

“It is important for the innocent people and netizens out there to know that I have no intention to call anyone dark.

“With this, I retract and apologise.”

So, why did Abdul Azeez mention that K. Patto needed powder on her face to be seen? His so called apology is insincere. Malaysians are fed-up with racist and sexist MPs.

The damage has been done to Azhar, to K Patto and to parliament. Abdul Azeez is aware that he looks the hero to misogynists and racist Umno-Baru supporters.

An apology is insufficient. Azhar should punish MPs like Abdul Azeez who make personal comments, by suspending him from parliament for several days.

Abdul Azeez has a dark past. He is awaiting trial for corruption whilst he was the Chairman of the Tabung Haji.

We need a firm and courageous Speaker to deal with MPs who show no respect for others, or for law and order. Pay attention at work, Mr Speaker!

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • isaloo says:

    The damages done
    The uncouth law makers
    They should be ejected
    As long as they don’t behave

    The Speaker shouldn’t misread
    He shouldn’t show the avuncular attitude
    Thinking he wants to get support on his chair
    His is to be impartial in every way possible

    The ‘unelected speaker’ should be neutral
    Any law maker who doesn’t behave in the August House
    The Speaker should eject these members out
    Learn to be ruthless and be compassionate at times

    The insincerity of an apology
    The Speaker shouldn’t accept it
    The law maker should be punished
    Kick him out from Parliament

    But the Speaker?
    The shedding skin finally appear?
    It is for himself and the pride of power
    Nothing to do what he did before

    Maybe he should travel back his articles
    Learn what he wrote and supported
    He may find his way back
    Or greed has taken another victim too?

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