Azmin goes on a fishing trip to Saudi Arabia. The prize catch is a princely donation for Maihaddin’s election war chest. The money from the rich frog MPs is not enough to secure a win. Now you know why so many ministers and PM went fishing in Saudi.

A hypothesis: Senior Minister cum International Trade and Industry Minister Azmin Ali will lead a trade and investment mission to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 26 April until May 4, 2021.

Thats a long fishing trip.

The official reason is stated as investment and trade. Don’t you beleive it!

The real reason is to secure a hefty Arab prince donation similar to convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak’s bounty a few years back.


GE-15 (the 15th General Election is due soon) so Maihaddin Yassin needs money to fund his election war chest.

If it were a by-election, there is no problem. They can pass the bowl around and gangster Datuks and uber rich politicians can contribute

But in a General Election, they must sedekah (donate) all the division heads, district heads, penghulus, the village chiefs, long house chiefs, coordinators and people who drop ang pows in the handbags of the makciks/pakciks and jaga-kereta boys etc

So you see, in a general election, the stakes are high so a lot of money is needed to keep people calm and make them tick and cross the right box….Maihaddin’s PN box.

Azmin will do his round of wheeling and dealing. And in exchange we will get more Wasabism…(note wasabi and wahhabhism combined makes a potent mix of extremism) in our religious schools and madrasahs and mosques.

There will have more period checks, or boys threatening rape because in wasabism, women do not have a voice. We will have more tahfiz schools promoting wasabism, more religious extremism, more ulamas in charge of important jobs like the environment, transport, trade and education.

At the end of the working day, Azmin and geng will get as souvenirs, more dates, more air zam zam, more jobah to bring home as presents to the folk back home for Raya.

His boss, Maihaddin will be pleased if he can secure an enormous catch which is equal or greater than the money which convicted criminal, Najib, received from the fictitous Arab prince.

The wealth of the rich multi millionaire MPs, who recently leap frogged from PKR to Bersatu/PN is not enough. Even Maihaddin’s and the Religious Affairs minister’s trip to Saudi Arabia last March and April were insufficient.

Soon, GLCs will organise fire-sales, so that Maihaddin can get his hands on ready cash. General election wins are very expensive.

Perhaps, that is why many court cases ended up in DNAA (discharge not amounting to an acquittal) especially for those individuals charged with corruption and money laundering. The Sabah man. The spy woman.

This is Maihaddin’s version of “I help you, You help me.” I let you off the hook, you help me fish.

The win for GE-15 has already been forecast by Putrajaya.

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  • tiadaotak says:

    If Muhiuddin did not get any money, how can Azmin get any. Maybe he can for his own pocket. But for the country? zero. After all, as a Malay he is first and foremost a Malay. Being a Malaysian first, that’s unthinkable.

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