Banning breweries was done to trample on the rights of the non-Malays/Muslims and make life difficult & miserable for them

Alcohol is not the problem but politicians who trample on the rights of the non-Malays and non-Muslims are. The more PN oppresses the people, the more the rakyat will rise up.

Credit Martin Jalleh

Two reasons for PN’s oppression.

  1. To trample on the rights of the non-Malays/non-Muslims
  2. To make life difficult for the companies which deal in alcohol.

PN probably wants to force breweries and liquor outlets to eventually shut down. No wonder foreign investors steer clear of Malaysia especially with clueless conservative clerics who are wannabe politicians, and politicians who are wannabe clerics, running the government of Malaysia. They want to ram the Islamic agenda down our throats.

The Sarawakians are still celebrating Gawai. With the lockdown, the non-Malays are not able to have happy hour with their friends in the pub, but will have a quiet drink at home, to unwind. Ditto the expatriate community.

With breweries being forced to stop operations, this will create a shortage of alcohol and drive prices up. Perhaps, this is another of PN’s intentions. Prices of many goods are increasing. Why create more hardship for the non-Malays and non-Muslims?

Does the National Security Council know anything at all about supply and demand? More importantly, does it know anything at all about the alcohol trade? All that the Malays in the NSC know is that arak is haram. When will they start to widen their horizons and increase their knowledge?

The brewing industry

The brewing industry is not just about making alcohol, a product considered haram by Muslims. Breweries provide jobs, not just in the brewery, but also in ancillary companies.

The beer companies pay much needed tax which helps to pay for essential public services.

Building a brewery is no mean feat and its construction will have contributed to the local construction industry. Moreover, the company will be paying hefty annual permits to operate.

A small change in the brewing industry will be amplified and produce large effects in this very complex industry.

So, why did the National Security Council (NSC) cave in to the demands of the religious bigots and political attention seekers, and order breweries to cease operations with immediate effect?

The reason given was that during the “total lockdown”, alcoholic beverages are not considered “basic necessities”.

Do the NSC and the critics realise that the economy is in freefall, industries are struggling to cope and the nation could do with some businesses which can continue to operate safely?

Amanah Youth leader, Kevin Shawn Gomez questioned the government’s decision to allow the Carlsberg Brewery to continue operation during the total lockdown, as did Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Are they desperate to be in the political limelight and pander to the religious bigots? Did these men stop to think about the economy, or the hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on these industries?

No-one is saying that lives and people’s health should be put at risk, but with the right precautions and strict adherence to the SOP in the breweries, there is no reason why these industries should cease operations.

Care home workers, medical staff and those in the electrical, water supply, telecommunications, transport, food distribution industries and security services, manage OK.

Coronavirus will kill many people but once the disease is under relative control, the millions of unemployed people, coupled with businesses being forced to close, will kill even more people than the disease itself. People need jobs to pay for food, rent, healthcare and basic needs. The treasury needs companies to prop up the economy.

These are difficult economic times, and if companies can operate under the strictest of conditions, why not?

The brewing industry is not just about the scores of thousands employed in the ancillary industries, such as the bottling companies, the aluminium can making factories, the warehouses, the refrigeration companies, nitrogen manufacturers, chemical companies and waste control operators.

Downstream, there are many companies to which the brewery supplies, like the supermarkets, grocery stores, off-licences, pubs, bistros, restaurants, airlines, duty-free shops, cruise ships and hotels.  These are mostly in the tourism, hospitality, and export industries.

The ancillary trade also employs many thousands of people, from drivers, publicans, caterers, party planners, airline crew, duty free staff, promoters, guest relation officers and warehouse operators. Don’t forget that all these industries, including the brewery, also employ cleaners and office staff.

Upstream operations in the brewery includes the import of grain and hops. If production is stopped or is haphazard, our port workers and container ships, and supply distribution network trade will also suffer.

Beer delivery vans and lorries need petrol, they pay tolls, licenses and permits to operate.

Brewing is not just about making alcohol. It represents  a diverse section of the economy.

Today, beer making is a fully automated, closed fermentation process and the workforce is small. When a brewery is told to stop operating, the company will probably incur heavy losses because once a fermentation process starts, it must go to completion.

We may not know the exact processes involved, but it stands to reason that stopping operations halfway will mean the equipment must be cleaned and sanitised, to be ready for the next time it starts producing beer. The company will have to bear all this waste. Not knowing when it may resume operations, means that storing the raw materials is also problematic.

Who decides what is a “basic necessity”? One man’s preference may be another person’s dislike.

Are cigarettes a basic necessity? The NSC thinks so because they do NOT want to upset the Malays because the people who smoke the most in Malaysia are the Malays. Stopping cigarette production will create a shortage of cigaretters, probably drive the cost up, and make many Malays mengamuk. THe NSC wants to avoid this at all cost because they fear the Malays may kick them out of office at GE-15. (They have no qualms upsetting the non-Malays and their drink.)

What about sugary drinks? Malaysians are some of the most obese people in  Asia and the number of diabetics is also alarmingly high. Shouldn’t we stop the production of sugary drinks, fast food, food with a high salt content and processed foods?

A government which panders to the whims of the bigots in society and parliament will not attract foreign direct investment. As it is, many foreign investors have found our neighbours to be a more attractive and conducive place to do business. Opening a multi-million ringgit factory, or brewery, is not a small undertaking. It needs constancy and a stable government.

In Malaysia, we do NOT have a stable government.

Brewing is not just about providing a much needed thirst quencher. It is also about providing jobs, which during this Coronavirus pandemic, are in very short supply and face an uncertain future.

Alcohol is not the problem, but bigots with a limited understanding of the economy are.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • asserters says:

    Thank yοu for sharing your thoughtѕ. I truly apprecіate your efforts and I
    wiⅼl be waiting for your further ρost thanks once аgain.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    What the nons, ie the kufars, choose to stuff down their throats, be that alcohol or a nice piece of pork, is none of the business of any “Muslim”.

    Unless it’s for an IS IS party, bring your moon festival, moon cakes, and your crescent sword to hack heads and hands – and maybe handphones and computers, those are inventions of Syatan, and maybe vincetan.

    Then again, I may be wrong, the “followers” of the “chosen wans” are instilled (not distilled) to hate the kufars and their ways, be “tolerant” to them, do takiyah to them, deceive them – until the big day comes, and you’ve taken over their land. Then you can do your hatchet job on them, turn them into slaves, rape, buy, sell their women, use them as slave bonking machines.

    The promised land also run jizya extortion rackets, the kufars must pay the Ahlongs protection money or get humiliated, mutilated if they don’t, such freaking fun, Alhamdulilah!

    But don’t wet yourselves, you dumb monkeys, you don’t get your fun nor goodies till the big day comes. Meanwhile, it’s takiyah and takkiyudun, and all that, be nice to the nons, the kufars, let them have their booze and pork, their Genting, don’t twitch with your keris and kitchen choppers!

    Many ignorant fcuking Christians think it’s all the same as their fat bit of bleeding nonsense, love thy neighbours, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and all that..!

    Thank Allah, the Yahudis are not fooled.

    Neither the Shias…

  • Chong says:

    The whole world of investors r watching us.
    Our fail country will suffer in years to come.
    Cigarettes r allow . Now u known why the Health Department r losing out the battle with cancer..

    Where is the Health minister comments on the cigarette??

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “The whole world of investors r watching us.”

      They are not.

      Unless it is to make a quick and easy buck, Malaysia is not a particularly worthwhile place to invest in. In other words, it is just another sh*thole country.

      ” Where is the Health minister comments on the cigarette??”

      Maybe the monkey does not know, nor our dumb monkeys in the citizenry, the massive revenue collected from tobacco often funds health and other services in a country.

      Ban tobacco and a country like Malaysia will be fcuked!

      May be ironic, but that’s the truth for many countries, the healthy risk their lives for their addiction but may not suffer health problems from it – and fund those who may not touch tobacco but whose lives are not worth saving because they don’t contribute extra tax by polluting their lungs…

      Frankly, there’s not much point talking about health in Malaysia where a big part of the population is kiasi and hypochondriac. They imagine and get paranoid over all sorts of health “issues”.

      Every other road and hole in the wall in Malaysia are filled with shops offering all sorts of quack remedies for those illnesses and ailments the snake oil merchants tell you you have. You get the full range of rubbish from vitamin supplements, beauty cures… to products offering longevity.

      You get disguised operations which are pyramid schemes invariably pushing very expensive products more than often that have not passed any inspection.

      Going by how the outfits thrive, Malaysia certainly has a huge population of fcuking moron kiasi fcuking hypochondriacs – and those so fcuking ugly they need all sorts of sh*t to improve their inferiority complex.

      Don’t forget the fcuking morons need those dangerous “whiteners” too to turn into monkeys our hospitals cannot deal with when they get half-killed while wanting to look ghosts.

      Those who need to smoke, do smoke as much as you want, you are keeping the hospitals running for Malaysia’s fcuking retard monkeys, bless you guys!

      We need those illegal smokes selling too, without those à substantial part of the economy would not have money circulating.

      So now you fcuking monkeys know why customs enforcement never really apprehend the smugglers and sellers. That’s because the country needs the black economy running to see money circulating.

      And the customs and police brothers and uncles need to pad up their poor pay too by being helped by those handling the other economy.

      I smoke cigars – all legal and very helpful to the economy, a stick can sometimes cost several hundred sticks of legal cigs. That said, I know a big time operator doing funny cigarettes. He runs an operation doing many charity work full-time, and for which he pumps in some big-time dosh, bless him!

      Without the uncle, we have less money for the hospitals – and no money for charity.

      So fcuk you, all those health sermonisers! Shag yourselves and let’s see how much money for the health services you can errr cough up!

  • Radhi Cheah says:

    Are the jobs opportunities in Breweries only confined to Non-Muslims? Thousands of muslims are employed directly or indirectly in the operations of breweries…
    Apart from Breweries…. If they are so adamant on championing for Muslims…Close Genting Casino!!! Do not allow the Casino to operate….. Deprive the thousands working in jobs directly or indirectly related to the Resort World . Let them be jobless…. Let tourism in Pahang collapse!!! All brainless and clueless !!!

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Close Genting Casino!!!”

      Can’t do that!

      Revenue from gambling, alcohol, and even prostitution fund the fcuking madrassahs.

      And the Mercs of the fcuking mullahs.

  • Johnny says:

    Narrow minded people don,t forsee the future and the consequences of their action, maybe they don,t know what is todays Global situation ,

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “todays Global situation”

      What’s that, please, it means different things to different people.

      And can often mean nothing.

  • Thomas Samuel says:

    The logic of what’s considered essential needs to be reviewed. The people wants to see consistency in the actions of the Government. Pandering to vested interests will not win the war against COVID . Some decisions are clearly illogical and the explanations just don’t add up.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Pandering to vested interests will not win the war against COVID .”

      I enjoy drinking, but what’s the role of the blessed alcohol in fighting Covid?

      Clue: Alcohol in drinks and the alcohol in those better sanitisers are two different things. You can touch the alcohol in sanitisers but that doesn’t mean drink or inhale them.

      Still, what I drink or not drink is none of the business of our fcuking politicians or fcuking mullahs, they can drink their holy camel urine, Alhamdulilah!

  • S.M.Khan says:

    Unfortunately Malaysia is being managed by A Government not chosen by the citizens.
    All of them are considered Non Essential.

  • Ramnikaran Thanggavelu says:

    What more you could expect from half boiled egg eaters, buffalos and stupid moronic politicians suddenly in the Gomen of the day

  • Cheong C.F says:

    Anwar seems lost … going for cheap thrill.

    Wish or govt (current and future) have the clarity and GUTS especially to say and do the RIGHT thing like this writer.

    Anwar, are you listening?

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Anwar seems lost … going for cheap thrill.”

      You mean going for the butts of the “progressives”, not wan leftie behind?

  • Robertse says:

    You can allow drinking but under strict conditions. It is well documented that drinking give rise to many problems – accidents while being inebriated and deaths, damage to properties. Drinkers health are screwed-up, valuable money goes down the drain and family life shattered resulting in wife battering and divorce. What is most important is Indians, Chinese and other minority races given a slice of the cake so that we advance in economy, education and strengthen and expand our religion..

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      You are talking bleeding nonsense, there are plenty of fcuking monkeys in Malaysia who don’t drink but kill and maim on the roads, including themselves and family.

      Wife battering and divorce also occur when there’s no alcohol involved. Family life shattering also happens when there’s no alcohol involved.

      Rape, incest also occur when no alcohol is involved.

      Alcohol does not directly cause or is necessarily a factor in those things you preach about.

      There has got to be firstly a problematic mind.

      And in Malaysia there are just too many fcuking sh*t4brain around, drinkers or not.

  • Kam Wai Lim says:

    Is Malaysia going to be a total Muslim country? Then the independence in 1957 no longer applies when history said Malay, Chinese and Indians were given places in the new government and a muti cultural country. So sad. These are happening now in Malaysia. Doing things that reverse the developments in Malaysia. Even Arab Saudi and Indonesia are so different and open.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Even Arab Saudi and Indonesia are so different and open.”

      Yes, the syariah courts openly whip their victims in Indonesia.

      And the Saudis openly chop off hands and heads… Alhamdulilah!

  • Soundars says:

    Puan Mariam, you have forgotten about the brewers waste in helping the cattle industry as one of the main sources of feed. For both feed lot and dairy. Animals.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      And the cattle’s waste is worshipped and used like magic cures and essential ingredients for everything in India.

      Dung cakes, banned by US Customs, are even openly and secretly exported and imported. I’m not sure if they are even pandan-flavoured.

      What can we do without them blessed brewers, eh?

      I’ll drink to them – but not Cowsberg cattle urine!

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