Bloody cheek! Najib slams news portals for “unhealthy journalism”, but keeps quiet about Umno-Baru cybertroopers

clash of the titans Photo credit. TAD A furious Najib Abdul Razak criticised the alternative media for their “unhealthy journalism”, and for creating their own version of reality.

He lumped news portals with keyboard warriors and cyber-troopers. He accused them of serving their own agendas.

For Najib’s outburst read these:


Najib’s Memory lapse

Has Najib forgotten something?

One. He, his Cabinet and his followers live in cloud cuckoo land. They live in a make-believe world where there are no price rises, no hardship, no dissent (all yes men around him).

In cloud cuckoo land, there is no corruption, only donations. It is like reading the “Tales of The Arabian nights”.

In Najib’s make-believe world, donations become deals, which magically become “dunnos”… “I dunno about that donation lah. Did it appear in my account? How come? Deal is it? I also dunno lah.”

Ahmad Maslan told to form army of cybertroopers

Two. Najib kept very quiet about his own cybertroopers.

Last January, “two-job man” Ahmad Maslan, the newly-appointed head of the Information Technology bureau was asked to set up a new “cyber army” to improve Umno-Baru’s image, Barisan Nasional’s (BN) image and Putrajaya’s image.

This is probably in preparation for GE-14 and Najib has admitted that the Internet was partly responsible for BN’s losses and reduced majority in GE-12 and GE-13.

In 2012, Umno-Baru held 10 conventions in several states, to raise 10,000 cyber-troopers to be deployed in GE-13.

In August 2015, Najib urged the formation of more keyboard warriors, to tackle the issue of perception versus reality. The report about Umno-Baru cyber-troopers is here.

Look who’s talking

How about this? Former PM Mahathir Mohamad said that Najib’s government is afraid of the truth and that is why “The Malaysian Insider” (TMI) was blocked.

Mahathir said that Malaysia is on its way to becoming like the “dictatorial North Korea”.

He said, “… people are afraid that if they say something or do something against Najib, you will be arrested, detained or charged in court.” (sic)

Oh dear! Forgetfulness is contagious. Even Mahathir appears to have forgotten about Operation Lalang. In 1987, when he was PM, he banned Sin Chew Daily, The Star, and Watan. Individuals were housed in a fully furnished (very basic), Government run resort, their meals and entertainment provided. This place is called Kamunting.

Today, Mahathir criticises Najib .

There is a Malay expression. Dua kali lima. (2 x 5) These two are as bad as one another. Reject both and anyone who learnt from them.

Malaysia needs to rebuild from scratch. Now!

For more on Mahathir on the TMI ban

Photo credit: TAD

Rebuilding Malaysia

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