Both FINAS & minister Saifuddin discriminate against Umno-Baru. How will Umno-Baru apply for the licence to produce sex videos? Why form a Sdn Bhd? RM50,000 paid-up capital? They’d rather spend the money.

To qualify for a film or video production licence, one must have a registered company (sendirian berhad), with RM50,000 paid-up capital.

Yesterday, the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) announced that all filming, even for personal social media, required a filming licence.

The Finas Act defines films as recordings on any material, including feature films, short films, short subject films, trailers, documentaries and advertising filmlets. All content creation is subject to regulations.

The rule would also affect those using Tik-Tok, Instagram and Youtube. 

Since when do Umno-Baru crony companies form a Sdn Bhd with a paid-up capital of RM50,000 ?

Why is the Communications and Multimedia Minister, Saifuddin Abdullah, discriminating against Umno-Baru?

First. Disgraced Najib Abdul Razak and the Perak Mentri Besar, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, will be very, very upset.

Both Najib and Ahmad Faizal love to be filmed. Singing. Acting. Discrediting the opposition. Riding on the back of a kapcai. Washing hands to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Applying for a licence is too much hard work. Not just for these men, who normally have their own way, but also for FINAS.

Second. How many hundreds of thousands of applications can FINAS process for everyone, even those who want to video their cats, or their cooking or their baby taking his first steps? How long is the waiting list?

Third. With the long waiting list, it is probable that the law will be broken to please Umno-Baru. How long will FINAS’ rule last?

Fourth. It is doubtful that the companies or individuals who film these men, have a Sdn Bhd with a RM50,000 paid-up capital.

For instance, when we read news reports about Ahmad Faizal and the Umno-Baru crony companies to whom he awarded forestry projects which are worth several hundred million ringgits, without open tender, you would have thought that the companies responsible for these multi-million ringgit projects are experienced, long established ones.

Not so! Most of the time, these companies have a RM2 paid-up capital, have two unheard of Datuks as directors, with an office that operates out of a dodgy address, which is probably located above a shoplot in the back lane of a seedy part of Gerik.

Fifth. Saifuddin will now have more people who are quite happy to stick the knife in his back.

His former Umno-Baru friends (and those in PKR) are furious because they cannot produce more raunchy sex-videos. These videos are useful when trying to discredit politicians whom they think are threatening their position.

Sixth. Saifuddin was a terrible foreign minister under Pakatan Harapan. He is a worse Communications and Multimedia Minister under PN. He lacks ideas and most importantly, he aspires to stifle our freedom of expression.

Seventh: In Saifuddin’s 5G scandal, there was no open tender and a lack of transparency involving five telecommunication companies.

Eighth: Saifuddin attracts negative publicity to Malaysia. Successive ministers in PN have again made Malaysia a laughing stock of the world.

Saifuddin must resign.

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