Both Zakir Naik and Rasputin the Mad Monk, with their peculiar charisma, ingratiated themselves to people of power.

One person Zakir resembles is the monk, Rasputin, a Siberian peasant turned holy man, who captivated the empress of Russia. 

Although held in high esteem by the tsar, in reality, Rasputin was a sex-crazed drunk, a money-making opportunist and divisive figure, hated by many in the imperial court. Both Zakir and Rasputin, with their peculiar charisma, ingratiated themselves to people of power.

Google Rasputin the Mad Monk of Russia, if you do not know about him….

He mesmerised the Tsar and Tsarina of Russia and had enormous power in the Imperial Court

Similarly, Zakir Naik has mesmerised many Malay Muslim leaders and has enormous influence in Malaysia…

He must be deported because he destroys the peace in Malaysia

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Alan ck says:

    Ra Ra Rasputin song Boney M . Go listen to this song

  • Alan ck says:

    Ra Ra Rasputin song by Boney M . Have you listen to this song before

  • isaloo says:

    The Old Man
    He feels he can’t do no wrong
    Say his piece to pull wool over our eyes
    On Zakir Naik a Muslim preacher

    Now he finds to his annoyance
    He got fooled in his support
    A non- citizen causing racial flare up
    Time now for him to do the right way

    The Old Man shouldn’t give any more excuses
    Of course, the green moon will cry and shout
    The green moon has an ulterior motive
    For a party using religion to boost its agendas

    Zakir Naik has crossed the line of the host
    He shouldn’t be allowed to stay on our land
    Though he says his apology it is too late
    He doesn’t believe in his words and action

    He is a religious racist
    He can’t share with the other religions
    The Old Man should view all his videos
    Ask to debate he takes flight

    Now it’s time to deport Zakir Naik
    The nation comes first for all of us
    We don’t need a trouble maker in our midst
    The Old Man should act on the immigration law

  • double tree says:

    Malays have been mesmerised by religion. When a zealot with oratory skills comes along, they all get swayed. Just cannot think, just follow. What has been happening to Malays all these years. Haven’t they developed some thinking skills and resilience to outside influences that are inimical to progress?

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