Breaking the strict rules of the Movement Control Order (MCO) by former sports stars, will erode trust in the government. The rest of Malaysia has been drilled to obey, so why the double standards?

Public confidence in the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic is badly affected when key figures like aides, behave as if the rules apply to everyone but themselves,

When the law is abused, the public loses faith in the integrity of decision-makers in government. No ifs and buts!

The photo in FMT says it all. There was a clear breach of the rules on the Movement Control Order (MCO) which the entire nation is expected to obey. Anyone breaking the strict rules, will be punished, so why the double standards?

The rules are there, for a reason. To protect our health and to save lives.

The rules will not work if people feel free to choose to make themselves exceptions, even if they think they deserve to be treated in a special way.

We thought that Malaysians had learned their lesson when last month, politicians and one senior politician’s daughter, thought that the strict rules of the MCO, did NOT apply to them.

So, whilst most of us obeyed the law, some politicians broke the law and even received different punishments.

The rakyat saw this: There is one law for the rakyat & another for the elites.

The ordinary rakyat also saw that the politicians were investigated ONLY after a public outcry.

The ordinary rakyat who broke the lockdown rules, was punished almost immediately, but there was a lot of feet dragging before the politicians and one daughter of a senior Umno-Baru politician was called for questioning.

Yesterday, we read the following news report about very sick former football hero, who received a visit from his former team mates.

Namat Abdullah, is 74-years-old and was capped 115 times by Malaysia. He is very ill with intestinal cancer.

The reasons for arranging the visit may be commendable but many questions and arise. Again, the “them” and “us” differentiation, is most startling.

Some people contacted me to say that because of the lockdown, they have not been able to visit their loved ones, like their parents, their grandparents, their children or their spouse.

Others said that they strictly observed the lockdown rules, because they are law-abiding citizens even though they wanted to say goodbye to a dying relative, or were unable to attend a funeral.

This visit has upset many Malaysians, but because of the “nature of the arrangement of the visit”, many are afraid to say anything to express their anger, their frustration and their disappointment.

Here are some excerpts from the original story on FMT.

…Abdah Alif, a special officer to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, said the King instructed him to gather a few former players of the national team, and to convey his message to Namat to remain strong.

The other ex-internationals who accompanied Abdah were his brother Yunus, former national skipper and president of Ex-Internationals Football Association, Soh Chin Aun, Ahmad Yusof, former Penang players Khalil Hashim and Azdzmi Md Nor, Pahang FA’s Ramli Mahmud and Perak executive councillor Khairil Shahril….”

Here are some questions & remarks of concerned Malaysians .

  1. Is the MCO over?

2. Why was there no social distancing for the sick footballer? His immune system is low. It is foolish to expose him to the other people. They may be carriers of Coronavirus and are not aware they have it. Why risk Namat’s health or the health of the others there?

3. Some of the people who visited Namat are in the high risk category. What happened to common sense?

4. Why did the aide not observe the lockdown rules? Why was he allowed to make exceptions?

5. No social distancing. No facemasks. No gloves. Doesn’t look like anybody cares.. They were there for a photoshoot. They ignored their health. They broke the law for publicity. They can connect by virtual methods.

6. Has a cure for Coronavirus been found?

7. Why did no-one “question” this visit and mention the risks? Are they afraid to speak out? Other people will say that if it is OK to visit, then they will also do the same. If this happens, more Coronavirus spikes will probably occur.

8. Have the visitors and house occupants been tested for Coronavirus and is NOT a carrier or potential infector?

9. Did the cameraman also social distance? Did he wear protective equipment?

10 Who will they blame if one of them falls ill with Coronavirus?

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