Brilliant Syed Saddiq. Now we know your true colours…(for now, because you could U-turn again!) Ten days ago you wanted Zakir Naik deported. Tonight. You are his best buddy! Can you not make up your mind? Or get Mahathir to make up your mind for you.

The photos which I plucked from Malaysiakini tell their own story. The link is here.

The question is, has Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, moved from the Youth and Sports Ministry  to the Ministry of U-turns.

One cannot decide whether to call him  a “U-turn Minister” or “Cannot-Make-Up-My-Mind Minister”.

He has betrayed peace loving Malaysians.

Ten days ago, he demanded that Zakir Naik be deported. He said in a Watsapp chat, “An attack against our Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters is an attack against all Malaysians.” 

Tonight, he  kisses and makes up because he could NOT handle the pressure from Malays and Bersatu members criticising his remarks about deporting Zakir.

The U-turn Minister or Cannot-Make-Up-My-Mind Minister?

So, is he a minister for Malaysians… or just a U-turn minister … or a minister who cannot handle criticism … or just an idiot.

He makes friends with a fugitive and a hate preacher. If he cannot make up his mind, then he should ask Mahathir to make his mind up for him, instead of forcing us to see him back pedal.

Syed Saddiq is too naive and too young to be a Minister and he should get a life and learn how to put food on the table, a roof over his head, learn to use the decrepit public transport, form a stable relationship (right now, he is probably the most eligible bachelor in town, because he is a minister and will make a good catch!)

He may think his political career has been enhanced, but Malaysians will forget him at the next general election. 

His political career is assured, for as long as his puppet master is alive

Shame on him! 

No integrity. No commitment. No direction. No crown jewels.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • TAJ says:

    Syed Saddiq is too naive and too young to be a Minister and he should get a life and learn how to put food on the table, a roof over his head, learn to use the decrepit public transport”….see where he will be in 10 years from now.
    He will regret the golden opportunity he was given when was young.

  • True Malaysian says:

    If we still think that Malaysians are for Malaysians, we are the biggest fool. For those who voted him, you know what to do, right? Many preachers! Few practitioners. If you don’t know you’re insulted by a foreigner, I don’t know what to say.

    After blood, sweat and tears building our nation, I cannot accept a foreigner insulting us again and again! Why are we not sending him back to his beloved country if he is really a God fearing preacher?

  • Ram Zay says:

    What does a young fart knows. He’s too naive and A man without backbones. Teach him what dignity is all about!!!

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