Bumiputera-ism risks the nation’s health

The Malay is very proud to call himself a bumiputera. He can brandish this term about, lay his claim to his special rights and demand preferential treatment. So, why is bumiputera-ism bad for him?

First. Being a bumiputera has robbed some Malays of the privilege of working hard. We would all like an easy life, but avoiding many of life’s challenges, has meant that Malays revel in a culture of entitlement and fail to see the joy of giving. All facets of their lives are affected, from easy access to schools, hospitals and universities, to jobs and business opportunities.

Second. Being a bumiputera means he is not ashamed to bully others. Some Malays treat other races as inferior. He grabs their Bibles, stops them from building their houses of worship, bans them from living in certain areas. These discourage inter racial harmony. The ‘b’ for bumiputera should really be ‘b’ for bully.

Third. Bumiputeras want things now! They demand instant gratification, because they are so used to having their own way, all the time. This culture has been fostered, because politicians use it, like an opiate, on the Malay masses.

Fourth. The term bumiputera is not equally applied to the Orang Asli or, the people of Sarawak and Sabah. The Orang Asli are abused, their lands stolen, they endure a reduction of opportunities, in every facet of their lives. Some are stateless, and subject to forced conversions. In west Malaysia, the Malay language Bible is deemed a threat to national security.

Fifth. Being a bumiputera has given Malays an inferiority complex. He receives the most funding for his businesses, and the most housing allocations. A non-Malay, who reaps the benefits of his business or educational attainments, will naturally feel proud. Not so, the Malay. He receives snide looks because others believe his academic success was due to a lowering of the pass mark, and his success in business was because of his connections.

Sixth. Being a bumiputera means he does not have to clean up his own mess. The injustice, the brutal deaths in custody and the financial scandals we have endured, have never been satisfactorily resolved. The guilty roam free. The wrongdoers are mostly bumiputera and they can do no wrong. As a result, the whole nation suffers.

Seventh. The bumiputera feels that he does not need to work for what he wants. The crony bumiputera simply skims off the money from an overinflated purchase of goods. The politician enacts policies, like the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which enables him to grab and spend the taxpayer’s money.

Eighth. The bumiputera envies other people their big homes, rich lifestyle and their pretty women. He has been spoilt by the culture of entitlement, and the only way he can get his hands on these ostentatious things is by force. He fails to realise that he is not entitled to things that he has not earned.

Ninth. The term bumiputera has robbed the Malays of their self-respect. They have low self-esteem and reduced levels of confidence. They crave respect, but do not know how to earn it. Any bumiputera who lives overseas and is given the right instruction will most probably thrive, his self-confidence restored. The brain drain is no longer a non-Malay phenomenon. Bumiputeras are joining this exodus.

Tenth. There are many types of bumiputeras. Umno Baru bumiputeras are above the law. Pseudo-bumiputeras like Bangladeshi, Mamaks, Bugis and Ridhuan Tee, are more Malay than Malay, and treated better than both non-Malays and Malays. Women bumiputeras are always bullied. All of these breed ill-will and resentment.

Contrary to popular belief, many Malays know that bumiputera-ism is bad for them. Bumiputera-ism is like a poisoned chalice. The only way to cure its ill effects is to admit that there is a problem.

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  • Andrew Chua says:

    Whilst all the facts naturally do not apply to all Malays, one cannot but agree with the general thrust of the points mentioned…well summarised. Time to do away with special privileges, racial biases, new umno-putraism…the list goes on…. and treat all citizens equally. 🙂

    Assistance must be given based on need, not because you are a bin or binte or connected to Jho Loh or….we need a new breed of non-self seeking politicians.

  • tedng says:

    Hi Mariam,
    Only thinking Malay like you can save Malaysia. I have read about quite a number of them, Art Harun, Zaid Ibrahim, Bakri Musa, G25, SIS and many more.
    You all needs to organize into a political force.
    ” Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world(Malaysia). In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    DAP , at its current state, is not the solution. Thinking, honest Malay needs to lead. UMNO or PAS type won’t do. The priorities : 1) prevent further Islamization , this is scary sloppy slope 2) Reduce corruption. Actually some degree of Affirmation Action , especially in education is necessary for the Bumi.

  • born here non-bumiputra says:

    Sorry Mariam,

    Despite me being your great admirer,
    i think you got it “soooo wrong” here.

    Ask that Ah Tee fella, he’s trying so hard to be one,
    so proud of his newly acquired “kita orang melayu” status,
    so ashamed of his “ultra-kiasu” heritage,

  • JIm Lim says:

    Hope you are enjoying your holidays

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