By convention and democratic practice, Anwar should be asked to form the government

By P Ramakrishnan

Just let Anwar get on with forming the next government.

The results of GE 15, has created a headache as to who should form the government. While Perikatan and Pas are lobbying to be considered to form the next Malaysian government, do they deserve to be considered first for this?

Going by convention and democratic practice, Pakatan Harapan should be entitled for this consideration. It being the single solid block with the biggest number of seats, the opportunity to form the next government deservedly belongs to them. This convention and democratic practice must be honoured and respected in the interest of parliamentary democracy.

Malaysians are confident that this fact will not go unnoticed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Malaysians are confident that the Agong will adhere to this practice and will give Anwar Ibrahim the first opportunity to try and form the next government.

Past presidents of the Bar Council and prominent individuals have appealed to the Agong to give consideration to Anwar first. These are individuals with standing in society and their views must count.

Malaysians will stand behind His Majesty, the Agong, when he upholds the traditional convention and adheres to the principles of parliamentary democracy.

It has been said, “For the health of parliamentary democracy, this matter now needs to be brought to a swift conclusion.”

(The views expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rebuilding Malaysia.)

First published in Aliran on 20 November 2022

P Ramakrishnan is the long-serving former president of Aliran who served three and a half decades on its executive committee, and has been with Aliran since its inception in 1977. Now an ordinary Aliran member, he continues to highlight issues of public interest to a larger audience.

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