By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes… Shafee has returned & now claims that the “truth” will help disgraced Najib, as it did Riza.

Senior lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who is defending former prime minister disgraced Najib Abdul Razak in his RM2.28 billion 1MDB trial, is not worred that the prosecution is considering calling Riza, the son of self-styled former First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM), as a witness.

Another excerpt from Malaysiakini reads, “In court earlier today, lead prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram informed the court that Riza had indicated readiness to testify in Najib’s case and the prosecution may consider calling him…”

Riza, again? Gopal Sri Ram again? Another repeat performance?

  1. So, will Najib get a discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) as did his step-son Riza?

2. Will Najib promise to pay half or maybe just a fraction of all money he allegedly stole from 1MDB?

Why doesn’t he just pay RM100 to settle the matter because that would be a fair settlement, as we know how things are going to pan out.

3. Will the Arab prince fly in on his magic carpet and whisk Najib away to recover from his ordeal at the hands of the Malaysian public?

Another Excerpt from the link, says, “…Riza was accused of using 1MDB-linked funds to produce Hollywood films, including the Academy Awards-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street through his firm Red Granite Pictures…”

Shafee said that “…the money Riza used to make the films were “loans”.”

Loans? So, with several businesses going bust because of the Coronavirus, and workers being laid off, theses businesses could do with a cash injection to resume business activities and help to restore our economy.

So, can these businessess have the same favourable terms as Riza, whereby there was no need for collateral, no need to make payments to the lender etc etc…

Najib faces 25 charges of money-laundering and abuse of power over a sum of RM2.28 billion originating from 1MDB.

His tenure of terror was filled with lies, fairy tales, deaths, sackings, banks that closed shop, people who were silenced, reputations that were ruined and families whose lives were imperilled.

Last week, Riza secured a DNAA for his money-laundering charges involving US$248 million (RM1.07 billion) linked to 1MDB.

Shafee said, “…if you call Riza Aziz (to testify), Riza will just tell the truth.

“The truth was what helped Riza’s case and the truth of Riza’s testimony will help my client’s case.”

Did he say, “The truth helped Riza’s case?”

Struth what’s that noise. Good lord, it’s a flying pig.

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  • Steven says:

    It is interesting to know Sri Ram’s role in the Riza affair. His (Sri Ram) behaviour is beginning to be suspicious.

    And to contemplate calling a son (even stepson) to be a witness against the father, is, to me, sheer madness. Something is afoot.

    • Helen then says:

      Was not this SGR alledgelyi ntervene in a court case involving hiszwife and his sob’s school or sonethibg like that.? I remember reading re this some years back if memory serves me right!

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