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Cannot touch dogs today, Cannot eat hot dogs tomorrow

eating hot dog _origJakim is unhappy with Muslims touching dogs… but why aren’t they barking loudly at corruption, illicit outflows, abuse of taxpayers’ money and deaths in police custody?

Jakim and Malaysia, have gone to the dogs

The “I Want to Touch a Dog” event held in Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya on 19th October 2014,  was very popular and over 1,000 people, both Muslims and non-Muslims attended.

As always, society’s party pooper, Jakim…. waded in to spoil all the fun!!!

Its director-general Othman Mustapha was furious, and said that the programme should not have taken place, and barked “…Jakim would investigate the matter immediately”.

Although the dog is categorised as “najis” (unclean), many Muslims are not aware that they can touch dogs. It is not “haram” (forbidden). Sadly, this group of ignorant people, includes Jakim.

There are specific rules of washing and cleaning one’s hands, after touching a dog, so all the Muslim has to do, is to adhere to these rules. The Malays call it “samak”.

The “dog-touching event” was organised by Syed Azmi Alhabshi, a pharmacist in his 30s. He wanted Malaysians to be compassionate towards animals and help them overcome their fear of dogs.

Unfortunately, JAKIM needs to overcome more than a fear of dogs. They seriously need to overcome their insecurities.

In Saudi Arabia, Beduoin tribesmen hunt with dogs

The ulamas must realise that in Saudi Arabia, the Bedouin tribesmen hunt with dogs (the Salukis), as in Afghanistan (the Afghan hounds).

Dogs are used in search and rescue, for drug detection, hunting, and to assist the blind, the deaf and those with epilepsy. The dog is man’s best friend.

The thinking Malays wonder why things like porcine-contaminated-chocolates, dogs, the word “Allah” and beer, take prominence in the national debate.

The thinking Malays also wonder why the ulamas keep silent about the rising cost of living, petrol price hikes, the collapsing infrastructure, corruption, the abuse of power by the leaders, incest, drug-taking by Malays, racism, religious intolerance and the high crime rate.

What about eating hot-dogs?

Today, the ulamas are against Malay/Muslims touching dogs.

Knowing how their minds work, it won’t be long before Muslims will be banned from using English idioms like “dog in the manger” or complaining that a book is “dog eared”, or that Malaysia has “gone to the dogs”.

Just think. Today, Muslims will get into trouble for touching dogs. Tomorrow, they won’t be allowed to eat “hot dogs”…wah kah kah…

There is a solution. More moderate, liberal and thinking Muslims must speak out to stop the slide…woof woof

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