Career politicians….please get a life first, before you enter politics…You don’t know how ordinary people live, and you make a mess of our lives with your policies, because you see things from your limited perspective. This poster is an example of how some career politicians belittle women.

This poster shows how one should NOT give a Women’s Day message. It is belittling.

The poster may be an old one (2018), but the image was sent to me, in a recent discussion about International Women’s Day.

The caption beneath the photo says “Happy Women’s Day. Capable/resourceful/industrious women help build the New Malaysia”.

A picture paints a thousand words. So, is the photo of hubby helping his wife in the kitchen, the best that Dr Afif Bahardin can muster for his Women’s Day message? He needs the rolling pin treatment.

The couple is preparing a meal together in the kitchen. Is that the height of Dr Afif’s vision of how the Malaysian woman can help contribute towards nation building in the new Malaysia?

Alaaaaaaa…..please get a life!….women don’t just belong in the kitchen.

The world is their oyster. Scientists. Inventors. Philosophers. Entrepreneurs. Pilots. Doctors. Nurses. Engineers. Chemists. Astronauts. Musicians. Artists. Athletes

Could you not find any of the women from my list? To show that women can escape from the kitchen and conquer the world. Are they missing from your part of the world? I doubt it.

Perhaps, in some households, the man venturing into the kitchen is a herculean feat

Career politicians must go out into the big bad world and learn how other people live. They cannot depend on aides to know what others have to go through.

They need to experience and understand what it is like to have to put food on the table, send kids to school, worry about the education they receive, pay the mortgage, worry about savings, worry about their elderly parents welfare, their family’s health, wonder if the area they live in is safe, etc

Look at the politicians who have messed up our lives. Some graduated, then became a researcher or aide to a politician. Those from elite families, like disgraced Najib Abdul Razak, probably did a one-year stint at Petronas or other corporations. They then entered politics to make a killing.

Afif Bahardin, and other young ones, like Syed Saddiq and Nurul Anwar, should leave politics at the earliest opportunity, learn a trade or skill, and make a success of their chosen living. Once they have matured, both as a person and wage-earner, they can return to politics and act from a position of strength. 

Happy Women’s Day!

Rebuilding Malaysia

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