Harry Tan, the sec-gen of the NUTP, went on the defensive and was victim blaming. His position is untenable. Parents and students should take this issue further. Saying sorry after being slammed on social media is not good enough. Resign

Arrogant. Toady. Pillock. Sycophant. Contemptuous. Dysfunctional. Self-serving. Spineless. Childish. Wannabe politician. These were some of the choice words used by a few Malaysians, to describe Harry Tan, the secretary-general of … Continue Reading →

Maihaddin’s Malay government makes life hell for poor Malays, but it’s heaven for elite Malays. One of two traders fined RM50,000 each, said,”Even if the fine was reduced to RM10,000, I can’t afford to pay. I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to choose prison.”

The Malay elites want a Malay government because they can then easily screw the poorer and uneducated Malays. Well, they have one. Are they proud of it?  In the past … Continue Reading →