Maihaddin’s Malay government makes life hell for poor Malays, but it’s heaven for elite Malays. One of two traders fined RM50,000 each, said,”Even if the fine was reduced to RM10,000, I can’t afford to pay. I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to choose prison.”

The Malay elites want a Malay government because they can then easily screw the poorer and uneducated Malays. Well, they have one. Are they proud of it?  In the past … Continue Reading →

Azmin goes on a fishing trip to Saudi Arabia. The prize catch is a princely donation for Maihaddin’s election war chest. The money from the rich frog MPs is not enough to secure a win. Now you know why so many ministers and PM went fishing in Saudi.

A hypothesis: Senior Minister cum International Trade and Industry Minister Azmin Ali will lead a trade and investment mission to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 26 … Continue Reading →

Education Minister, Radzi Jidin, why are you silent about the teacher who joked about rape? The teenager who exposed him has now received a rape threat from a fellow student. Radzi should be sacked! He is incompetent, ineffective & clueless; but he is one of Maihaddin’s best performers!

Three days after 17-year-old Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam highlighted rape jokes made by a male teacher at a Kuala Selangor school, she has since received a rape threat from her … Continue Reading →

The Department of Education must have known about the “period checks”. The DoE pretends to be clueless & will probably blame the checks on ‘rogue teachers’. So, where is Women Minister, Rina Harun’s (& Education Minister Radzi Jidin) directive to the schools to end these checks? Expressing shock alone is NOT good enough.

The period checks are not just sexual abuse. They are also about control, fear, shame and trust. Religion is used as an EXCUSE to commit wrongdoing and brow-beat the girl … Continue Reading →