Child sexual abuse: Studies show that 1-in-4 girls & 1-in-6 boys, will become victims before they are 18.

The Malaysian Humanitarian and Welfare Association (TMHWA) formerly called Child Guard Malaysia, was formed in 2017, by Dr. Nithiya Thiahhan to educate the public, and eradicate sexual abuse in children.

A lawyer by training, Dr Nithiya talks about her role as president of TMHWA and lists the different professional people found in TMHWA.

Her aim is to raise community awareness about crimes against children. Training for children and adults is often conducted at the weekends in schools.

Dr Nithiya wants to empower children to make them aware about sexual abuse. Her team of volunteers show how to detect the signs of sexual abuse in children, and tells children how they can defend themselves. There is no fee involved when taking part in these talks.

After these talks, she said that at least one child who has been abused will confide in her to try and seek her help.

The schools in which she has given talks have been fully cooperative and mothers are encouraged to attend.

She is aware that in Asian culture, people rarely talk about the sexual abuse because it can bring shame to their families. Most people want to either hide it or brush it under the carpet.

Dr Nithiya hopes that Malaysia may one day eradicate child sexual abuse.

She offers hope to children who have been abused and she wants them to be aware that help is available. She wants to reassure them that they need not suffer in silence and she also wants those who are abused to seek justice.

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