Inside story of 1MDB by Clare Rewcastle-Brown, Sarawak Report. 7 pm today


Everything you wanted to know about 1MDB. The hidden and unvarnished truth. The story which MO1 aka Najib Abdul Razak wants to hide.

Talk by Clare Rewcastle-Brown (Sarawak Report, UK)

Date: 15 November 2016

Time: 7:00 PM

Ends: 9:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings

Room: Khalili Lecture Theatre

See you there. 1MDB is the biggest daylight robbery by a head of state, who has no shame and refuses to resign.

The American Department of Justice has brought a case against the main players in 1MDB, like Penang born, and old Harrovian Jho Low, and also Riza Aziz, MO1’s stepson.

To this day, the Malaysian Inspector of Police (IGP) cannot locate, Jho Low, and Riza Aziz to “help in the investigations”.

Call it double standards or protecting some people at the top.

And yet, when a student is seen carrying a placard demanding the truth behind 1MDB, the instruments of state are deployed to track him down, to be arrested.

Come for the inside story behind 1MDB, the story which the Cabinet of Shame in Malaysia, wants to keep away from your eyes and ears.


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