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Many of us, have directly or indirectly, over many years – some of us for more than half a century – and especially during the 2008, 2013 and 2018 general elections, campaigned, agitated and demonstrated for a better Malaysia:

The first big step

In the 2018 GE, Malaysians have succeeded in taking the first big step towards a better Malaysia.  However, this is only the beginning – there will  be many battles to be fought in striving for a better Malaysia.  Our reforming and progressive leaders will require on-going support from all of us.  We must continue to expose those who corrupt, divide and betray our country, and those in power who abuse the future of Malaysia with poor quality education for ordinary Malaysians while sending their off springs abroad for better education.

On-going support

We must find a way to keep Malaysians in the UK connected to provide on-going support for our just cause.  There is no organisation that is not affiliated to political parties in Malaysia in the UK that provides common platform for Malaysians and friends of Malaysia in the UK. 

I propose to promote such a platform and it will be named Global Malaysians UK.

Global Malaysians UK  will not be affiliated to any political party in Malaysia or in the UK.  

Prime objectives

The prime objectives of ‘Global Malaysians UK’ are to:

Be part of Global Malaysians UK

If you are interested to be part of Global Malaysians UK, please email with the following information:

(1) Full name (2) mobile number – optional (3) name of city or town or village & county. You need not provide your address.

On receipt I will inform you of the progress (and it will take time) and organise an inaugural meeting, probably sometime in the autumn in London.

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) I am required to inform you that by providing your contact details you have given Global Malaysians UK and me authority to communicate with you on the affairs and activities of Global Malaysians UK, and Global Malaysians UK undertakes that it will comply with GDPR relating to your privacy.

If you have friends who may be interested please forward this information to them. 

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)

Stephen Chang

Promotor – Global Malaysians UK

Stephen can be contacted by email:

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