Compare, contrast and be horrified. One tries to make himself understood. The other is very clear, in her bully tactics. A chip of the old block perhaps?


The videos are not mine. They are freely available on YouTube.

One message at the United Nations, was garbled and incoherent. 

The second is a threat to Malaysians.

Both videos takde class.

What is clear is that a mother has used her daughter to launch a political tirade against Putrajaya, perhaps one person in Putrajaya. Despicable in that she exploited her child, knowing that her child’s life will be subjected to abuse in the years to come. Pity the granddaughter. Shame on the mother. (and father)

Video I

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, before he was arrested by the MACC for 45 charges of CBT andmoney-laundering.


Zahid’s grandaughter, Sophee, springing to Zahid’s defence.

Why did the mother make her daughter do it? Stupid? Unthinking? Irresponsible? Desperate? Which is it?

First. We have an unhealthy tradition of parents USING their children to speak up on their behalf.

No one, whether politicians, royalty, celebrities, business leaders or members of the public, should exploit their own children for private, public or political gain.

No responsible parent would knowingly make their child a target of hate. Once they do so and expose them to the media’s glare, there is no turning back. The press will continue with the intrusion and in today’s social media world, ruthless cybertroopers will make the child’s life a misery.

Second. Why was the message was delivered in English?

Which section of the community was the intended target?

Or does Zahid’s granddaughter have a poor grasp of Malay?


Further questions:

What does granny have to say about all this?

What are the child’s father/step-father’s views about this exploitation?

Are there no sensible and level headed family members who can advise the mother of the child, that what she has done is daft and dangerous?

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