Continuing our Pos Malaysia debate. Thank you for sharing your experience about the service provided by Pos Malaysia/Pos Laju. I was once a satisfied customer, but the service has gradually deteriorated. Why? So how can its performance be improved?

Thank you for taking part in this Pos Malaysia/ Pos Laju discussion.

Some of you are satisfied customers of Pos Malaysia/Pos Laju but many of you are not, and shared your experience.

I was once a satisfied customer of Pos Malaysia. In those days, one had little choice, but at that time, Pos Malaysia was both affordable and provided a relatively decent service.

When I worked in Sarawak, a colleague from Scotland sent me a letter, with just my name, the name of the company I worked for and as he had forgotten my address, just wrote “North Borneo” on it.

A mini-miracle happened, because I received his letter three weeks after he posted it. I was pleasantly surprised it reached me at all. This was sometime in the early 90s and the postmaster-general for Sarawak, had written a short note to apologise and say why the letter had taken many days to arrive!

For the past twenty years, I have sent food parcels from Malaysia, to England. They were sent by surface-mail (by ship) and would arrive intact. The shortest time was four (4) weeks which is very good. On average, the shipment would take six (6) weeks. The contents were not damaged. Nothing went missing for the door-to-door service.

For some reason, the service deteriorated a few years ago. The charges went up, whilst the quality of service went down.

I also noticed a change in the customer service/reception at the local post offices, at least in my part of Ipoh. Was it a change of corporate culture? Did the attitude of senior management ‘infect’ the lower ranks?

Why did this happen? What can be done to improve the service? Perhaps, the board and management of Pos Malaysia does care and will study the comments generated by this discussion and take them seriously.

I have spent a small fortune sending parcels and letters to friends and relatives, most of which failed to be delivered. Like the disappointed people, in the comments section below, we are owed an explanation.

The comments generated by my article in Sin Chew are reproduced below.
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Lim SakaiStrongly support yr comments. Pos Malaysia getting from bad to terrible worst.Like · Reply · 2 · 6d

Anthony JosephWhen I order online products I pick any courier other than pos Malaysia. There are tons of complaints on its website but it doesn’t reply. Ignores you and me.Like · Reply · 3 · 6d

Ai Wah Hoi beg to differ. posted 3 parcels..2 domestic n 1 int’l. all arrived in good time..during mco! if writer is so concerned n caring..can i ask. has she donated any money to dat poor pos laju guy? easy to talk..right? walk the talk!!Like · Reply · 5 · 6d

(Editor’s note: This post is about Pos Malaysia’s service. It is not about my generosity to the “pos laju guy”! Please focus.)

Rizal DaudTotally agree with you. I had better experience with pos Malaysia as compared with other company during mco too. The writer should reflect on herself first before complaining. What comes around goes around.Like · Reply · 1 · 6d

(Editor’s note: This is a post about sharing various people’s experience of the service provided by a company. Please appreciate why people need to share their experience.)

Aen MohdRizal Daud agreed wt u.Been usng their service for the past 8yrs delivering goods to my cust.Only during the mco its a bit late to someplaces but it does arrive..never trusted other company coz they’ll be using 3rd party agent,whereby pos malaysia operates thruout malayia..believe in them n support Malaysian product unless writer to this article is using Other countries passport.Kudos Pos MalaysiaLike · Reply · 5d

(Editor’s note: More gobbledygook! What has ‘other countries passport’ to do with a Malaysian postal service?)

Nigel GallagherHaving had to regularly wait for post being delivered from Paris for 5 weeks or more I can agree that the Pos Malaysia service is the worst I have encountered worldwide ,with the exception of Pakistan,during the pst 20 years.
The mail from Paris always leaves France within 3 days of posting. Truly appalling service….but no one cares at Pos Malaysia.Like · Reply · 6d


El DyPos malaysia is really bad..worst..late..this is not pos laju but pos siputLike · Reply · 1 · 6d

William VoonMy parcel from Australia arrived at the Poslaju Kuching Mail Processing Centre on 22 April, 2020 (Track and Trace) . I went on the 8th and 15th May to collect but was told it wasn’t there. Spoke over the phone to the Manager of the Centre on 19th and 21st May, I was told it’s not holding there eventhough Poslaju’s Trace and Trace indicated it has arrived there. Was ask to write in or fill the e-feedback form which returned with an error message, “Fail to save record:Object reference not set to an instant of an object.”
So how do I get my parcel back now?Like · Reply · 6d

Emily ChongI had the same issue with a lost parcel and the feedback form wasn’t working.
After the raya holidays and they are back in service, go to Ask Pos chat during their work hours and keep trying to key in your details to speak with a customer service rep. There is an option to speak to customer service if you select one of the options to report a lost item. The system will keep bumping you out as it only allows 100 people at a time. Once you’ve managed to submit your details (name and email), you’ll be in queue for about 40 minutes (for me) to speak to a rep.
After my report was lodged, it only took 2 days for my parcel to be delivered.
The parcel was being passed around to different delivery centres despite having reached my area already and was diverted further from my location and sat there for a week with no movement.
Hope you get your parcel. All the best!Reply · 1 · 5d

William VoonEmily Chong Hi, thanks very much for the very useful info. Have a fabulous weekend!Reply · 5d

Edmond Emmanuel LeeFinally…. Some news reporter cares about this issueLike · Reply · 1 · 5d

Mohd Zubir ZakariaThe status of my parcel that I am waiting to receive according to Pos Laju tracking, reads..
“(Pos Laju Batu Caves)ltem dispatched out
18-05-2020-21:56 “
..that was 5 days ago..Probabaly they have locked down for the Hari Raya holidays…and will resume next week…Like · Reply · 5d

Probasepsorts ProbasesportsPos Malaysia board kindly take notes all these complaints.. You bring the image Malaysia in your corporate names but didnt deliver the standard to bring good image of Malaysia work ethic culture.Like · Reply · 5d

Albert ChanAlways never deliver to mentioned address but will receive a note saying either
1. No one at the office
2. Office is closed
3. Must collect at pos laju office
4. I wonder the payment we paid for is only good for personnel pick up not door to door
The prices is higher that other courier servicesLike · Reply · 5d

Mae BrightsAgree with this…there are tons of complaints from me for poslaju but nothing had solve since 2016, I lost a lot because of this issue…I don’t know how they gonna handle those tons of issue

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    How timely your articles!

    I am still waiting for items yet to be delivered after between two to four weeks (after posting) from other Malaysian addresses. Whereas items from elsewhere overseas via courier service promptly appear on reasonable time each and every occasion.

    I cannot call it fun staying in for weeks just to be sure I am around to receive the post from Pos Laju, wtf!

    I can’t say I could care less if Pos so-called Laju goes bust.

    I hope the useless monkeys “managing” Pos Laju all die tomorrow. Please make my prayers come true , O Spirit of the Most Holy Rock, Amen!

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