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Cash Cow / Lembu Kontan

Cash Cow / Lembu Kontan


Do you realise that the money the government spends is from the taxpayer? Meaning, that is our money. That money does NOT belong to Umno-Baru.

Want to know how taxpayers’ money is spent?

Many people desire to be an Umno-Baru politician because their future will be very bright. They allege that it does not matter if they are NOT educated or lack experience or any skill. Their main qualifications are an ability to spin stories, and a desire to go on holidays.

If they want to have the chance to go abroad, for a free holiday, they organise a study trip, or an overseas meeting.

It does not worry them if 90 % of the time is spent on the golf course or shopping at luxury stores. If possible, they should bring the wife and family, to avoid paying for their own vacation during the school holidays.

These are not the only benefits of being a politician. Taxpayers’ money can be “borrowed” to buy expensive apartments, luxury cars, Birkin handbags and jewellery worth millions of ringgits.

If you had to borrow money from the bank , you would be worried about having to pay back the loan and interest. It is less hassle and very easy for politicians to use taxpayers’ money. Who will stop the politician as the Malaysian rakyat is mute? That is why all politicians allegedly do that.

Politicians just tell the rakyat to tighten their belts, again. The Malaysian rakyat is easy to control. They are also afraid to question the leadership on the way taxpayers’ money is spent.


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