Create change. Register to Vote at the Malaysian High Commission.

Last Saturday, at Citizen Nades’ talk, many of you expressed a desire to create change, in Malaysia; however, not all of you were registered to vote and some of you asked me how to do this.

First. If by now, you are back in Malaysia, then it is easy.

Just head for the nearest Post Office (PO). The PO staff are very helpful and they will assist you. I know this to be true, because this is how I registered, to vote. 

Second. If you are in the United Kingdom, you can register to vote, at the Malaysian High Commission section which deals with voter registration. I phoned them and they too, were very helpful.

You will need to bring along your Passport and Identity Card (if you have it) with you. Please make photocopies of these document(s).

If you are working  in UK, and have a visa, please make a photocopy of this.

Please bring these along with you and at the Malaysian High Commission in Bedford Row, you will need to fill out a form on  behalf of the Election Commission.

i) NEW ADDRESS (as of 20 March 2017):

52 Bedford Row, Holborn, London WC1R 4LR


+44 796 661 4004 

iii) OFFICE HOURS: The office for voting registration, is only open from MONDAY to THURSDAY and from 0900 hrs to 12000 hrs

iv) Additional information

a) I advise you to ring the contact telephone number above, and find out what you need to bring with you, just to be sure. The High Commission staff will assist you on individual circumstances, eg if you are a student, a housewife of an expat Malaysian etc.

b) You will have heard the oft repeated remark,”Register by 31st March”. The reason for this, is that it will take on average  four (4) months for your name to appear on the books.

So, if the PM calls for GE-14 in September, you should be able to vote, as you are already registered.

If for one reason or another, you are stuck on Mars, or worse still, in Timbucktoo, from now till 31 March, do not worry.

You can still register to vote, after 31 March, but please bear in mind, that if an early election is called, for example, in May, you may not be able to vote…but at least you have made the first steps to put your name on the electoral roll.

If you find difficulties, or are given awkward problems, please inform Bersih KL or me, and I will highlight your problem and alert Bersih in KL. 

Hope that helps.

A reminder

Your vote is important:

  • TO have a say in how the country is run
  • TO save the country from being run by criminals and bigots
  • TO have a brighter future for you and your children.

If you do NOT register to vote, then:-

  • Your vote may be used by someone else, perhaps an illegal foreigner
  • That someone may vote for Najib and Umno-Baru
  • In future, don’t complain, when things go wrong in Malaysia, because when you had the chance to do something, you could not even find the time to register to vote.  

Remember… If you are Malaysian, it is your constitutional right to vote. Exercise that right and strengthen the democratic process in Malaysia.

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  • Eric Lim says:

    Dear Mariam, i will be visiting my children in london from april 24 to may 27 2018. I am an old registered voter and would like to vote in london if possible. Could you tell me what i need to do to vote in london fir ge14

    Thanjs very much
    Eric Lim

  • Louis Pang says:

    Dear Madam,

    My old registered constituency is in Mersing. But I had changed my IC address to Tampin. I want to vote in Tampin.

    How to go about it? Should I go to Post Office to request the staff to change the address?

  • Wanroy says:

    Dear Madam, when I went to the post office in Msia to register, the lady said I’m already registered. But how do I vote when I’m overseas during the GE14.

    • Mariam says:

      I have been in touch with Bersih about your problem

      Did you register yourself, or did you find that someone else had done it without your knowledge.

      If it is the latter, Bersih says to contact the Election Commission and clarify who registered using your name and when.

      About being away, they said” If he is already registered, then apploy for absentee voting, so that he can vote at the embassy that the coutnry he is staying….”

      I think if you can, please do get in touch with Bersih KL and chat with someone there.

      Hope that helps…

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