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Crooks who behave like heads of state…..AND heads of state who behave like crooks

The-untouchables-journey-from_540x300Have you seen the film “Legend”, about the Kray twins – gangsters who ruled their turf, in London, with fear?

They are no different from leaders who rule their countries with fear.

In many countries, some crooks behave like heads of state, because they wield absolute power and are ruthless.

Some heads of state behave like crooks, because they steal and commit crimes.

Many of these people appear “untouchable”… sigh.. but not for long..

So, why do we treat some crooks like heads of state and vice-versa?

We treat gangsters like heroes, and accord them celebrity status, and give them a heroes welcome! Why?

Heads of state and gangsters have similar traits, such as these:

Power dressing  The Krays and the heads of state, make full use of their image, to appear “respectable”. Saville row suits, state of the art watches, designer gems… (and for their spouses….designer handbags…)

Loving the limelight – They crave the limelight and liked to boast about their friends, film stars and television personalities.

Silencing their critics – Few dared to cross the path of gangsters, who would use violence to silence them. Heads of state also use the same tactics .

Sycophants adored them – Sycophants are handsomely rewarded.

A doting mother – Their mothers refused to believe they were psychopaths and power crazy fiends.

The perfect image – The Krays watched the Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Cagney films, then copied their various mannerisms. Some heads of state hire expensive PR firms to build their image.

Stage-managed performance – The Krays nurtured their reputations with care. So, too do many heads of state.

Reputations which preceded them – Having cultivated an image of violence, people are forced to do as they are told, for fear of being punished.

Myth building – Their so called generosity is just a front for their criminal activities. Stolen money was spent on luxuries for themselves.

A life of denial – Gangsters, heads of state….both out-of-touch with reality

Fortunately, we have no leaders with delusions of grandeur, in Malaysia. (Wah kah kah….)

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