Dancing and the Cross…the double standards

It is time to stop the stupidity of some people. They make so much noise about dancing… and the cross, or dogs, or pigs, or pork dishes, or a bit of cleavage. They hardly make any noise about the evil things committed by the former Umno-Baru regime.

Some NGOs, institutions, politicians and individuals are gripped by a riptide of Islamic conservatism.

Take these people with a pinch salt. Many are nutters, or display stupidity which is beyond the pale. Their stupidity knows no bounds. In today’s world, these ultra-sensitive people, appear to take offence at almost everything.

The pictures below speak for themselves. Let them have some fun. Misery guts, please look away. 

There is no need to complain. It is only a bit of harmless dancing.







Najib dancing at his daughter’s wedding. At least he knows how to have a bit of fun. He is probably aware that he has to travel thousands of miles away to be out of the shadow of the ulama and other misery guts. Ex-FLOM’s special officer, Rizal Mansor said there was nothing wrong with dancing. 

Are you frightened of the cross?  Crosses lurk everywhere. When you do sums. When you stop at the traffic junction. When you eat hot cross buns. Just get over your phobia of crosses-lah



Burn the table?


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  • chng kooi seng says:

    “Sensitivities” are used as a weapon to demonise non Muslims. Muslims are ever ready to shout “blasphemy”, “insulting Islam”, “insulting Malays” at the drop of a hat. Whether they are actually insulted or not is doubtful. It is just a tool to justify their “ketuanan islam, ketuanan melayu”. Appears to be no end to this nonsense.

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