David Wu. A man and his bike. A desire to help children with cancer. Can you spare RM1?

I have never met David Wu but hope to meet him in six months time.

Why am I writing about him?

Bicycling. A common passion. Although I do not bicycle much these days, it was the only way I could get to and from work after I graduated. I could not afford a car and public transport ate heavily into my first gaji….

Bicycling holds many pleasant memories…

In the past, I had to bicycle to get to work. No work. No gaji. And No gaji, meant No makan….And if No makan…then die one lor…

But today, bicycling has become, for the elite, a lifestyle choice. People and their RM10,000 bikes. Taking biking holidays in Europe. Having a van and driver carry their luggage and going ahead of them. Staying in 5 star hotels….the same people who look down on those whose only form of transport was a bicycle…their gardener, their temp maid, their Bangladeshi worker

Anyway, more importantly, it was David’s cycling for charity that intrigued me. On his first cycle across the continent to his ancestral home, he would have “discovered” himself – No! Not that he is truly Malaysian or is of Chinese stock.We all know that..but the discovery of his inner strength, the insight into his soul and his being. Contentment. Inner peace. Values. That stuff…


It is as David said on his FB page, “Can you imagine committing NOT to live your life in the comforts of your home, and in the presence of your loved one for the next 24 months?”

David and his friend, Ving will cycle across 4 continents, cover 40 countries, crossing 2 oceans and “wu” and “ah” at the 7 Wonders of the World…

Here’s more from his page….

“David Wu and Ving Lee have a purpose. It’s called #Childhoodcancer. Please share it by understanding and supporting as much as you can.

1) Follow us on FB.

2) To donate: Bank in (a mnimum of RM 1) to Public Bank
Account No: 3988587622 
Name: The National Cancer Society of Malaysia

3) Share it with others. Spread it to anyone who will listen. It’s all good.



Each year, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, and about 90,000 die from the disease.

In Malaysia, among the 37,000 registered cases, 900 were children (Globocan 2012).

This month, we remember the young lives that have been taken too soon, support those families that are facing childhood cancer today, and help them as they battle this terrible disease.

(plucked from the #7Wunders FB page)

Rebuilding Malaysia

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