Delusional Finance Minister, Zafrul, receives a slap-down from EU.

All you need to see is the screenshot below. It shows Zafrul’s empty boast. Syiok sendiri .

Dear oh dear!

Zafrul needs to come down from his ivory tower…or perhaps, come out of the Ketuanan Territory and see for himself, why foreign investors would rather plonk their money with our neighbours and do business with them.

For a start, Zafrul was parachuted to do a man’s job. This is what happens when meritocracy do not matter but your background, race and religion do. Perhaps, he can return to running a branch of a bank, but not a nation. It is too big a responsibility.

Now Zafrul is blind to the bad effects of the three Rs.




No one with money – foreigner or local, wants to do business with us.

We are infamous for our nepotism and cronyism. We are known around the world for protecting our crooked and corrupt politicians and their wives. and in the case of the NFC, and many other government projects, their children too.

The thief and felon, Najib Abdul Razak, bankrupted Malaysia with his global money laundering and kleptomania.

We release politicians who are criminals and who have stolen from the Malaysian taxpayer.

We do not look after our workers.

We do not look after our environment.

We pick fights with neighbouring states and threaten them.

We have crooks (Malay, Chinese and Indian mafia) rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty. (Tiga-line Malay triad is good buddies with a former DPM)

We have bigots bullying shops, demanding non-halal items are removed.

We tear down temples.

We inflate projects because some politician, his family and friends all want their share. We promote someone not because he is competent but because he is of the right R…take your pick, Race, religion or royalty.

We take short cuts in building roads and bridges that they collapse soon after, then we blame others.

We can’t even properly prosecute because we have too many skeletions in the closet and afraid they may tumble out and haunt us.

We have Malay leaders who are the shame of the nation and their race.

Our leaders ignore the rakyat.

So, Zafrul, next time you want to boast, check your facts first or else my fellow netizens and I, will hound you.

Best you resign for the good of the nation. You are embarassment. Remember when a former FInance Minister, Lim Guan Eng, wanted to question you regarding an important matter in parliament, the Speaker, Art Harun came to your defence because he saw that you were fumbling.

All in PN have brought doom and gloom to our nation. Best you disappear, and bring the whole PN lot with you.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Wally Yap says:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubts..”
    A little knowledge coupled with over -abundance zeal is dangerous and harmful.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “nice words and window dressing”

    Fcuking hell, that’s a hard kick in the wan tooth!

    That bit of penmanship or “penpersonship” is no Euro charm, no nice words, no window dressing – but more than likely telling it like it is.

    If we have decent, capable, competent people serving our nation, they would have been horrified by that kick in the wan tooth of the useless, clueless and hapless monkeys we have.

    But as it were, our shit4brains would as usual go into denial, bury heads in camel dung, pretend nothing happened.

    Shame is a commodity Malaysia is desperately short of.

    Then, the next big missing thing is intelligence.

    Malaysia is where the drain-brains create the brain drain.

    With the monkeys running the zoo, and for so many decades, there’s absolutely no possibility things can be put right, that can only happen when our just as corrupt voters think for the country and not just for their dedak and delusional non-existent glorious position in the world.

    That bit of writing is but one of the many that has been written, said and thought of about our cave monkeys.

    OK folks, go back to sleep, think Malaysiaboleh and all would be fine again, Alhamdulilah and all that..!

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